The BPW calls on everyone to support the actions against the sale of social housing in Amsterdam. First, for many years far too much social rent is sold, then there is a great scarcity. Now politicians and landlords start as Ymere distribute 'fairly' over the scarcity and argue for even more flex rental contracts. Don't fall for it. Stop selling social rent now! Show solidarity and come to the residents' action on March 1. Read the press release below.

Press release / press invitation from Residents' Committee Olympia

On March 1, at 4 p.m., a major protest will be held against the sale of social housing. The initiators are Olympia residents' committee and Huurdersbelang Zuid, they are supported by the Huurders Ymere Amsterdam (HYA). The initiators are angry and combative and have set up a large-scale action. 'We won't let ourselves be put aside'

The residents are so angry because the Ymere housing association continues to sell social rental homes in the Olympia complex in Oud Zuid in Amsterdam, thereby violating agreements made with them. According to the residents, the agreement was that Ymere would sell a maximum of 49 percent of the 558 homes in the complex. The corporation denies this. Now their decision is to proceed with the sale of these approximately 45 square meters homes until 73 rental properties remain. Sales price is 325,000 euros

High prices

This case does not stand alone. The action is supported by residents' committees and tenants' associations who are experiencing the same. Against all agreements, social housing is sold for high prices. Tenants will never live in these houses again. The city is changing at a rapid pace.

The Amsterdam coalition agreement states that social rental homes may only be sold in exceptional circumstances. The Partnership Agreements (between tenants, housing associations and the municipality) state that there should be at least 35% social housing in each of the 22 neighborhoods of Amsterdam. Yet Ymere sells on, including in the Stadionbuurt, where less than 18 percent of social rent is left.

Support the city

“Many tenants are angry and concerned,” says Els Timmerman of the Olympia Residents' Association. “Our neighborhood is breaking down. We will no longer be put aside. That is why we are organizing in an attempt to turn the tide. Support the city and come too!”

What? Action, demonstration, music and cabaret against the sale of social housing
True? Start at 16:00 at the Olympiaweg 36-huis (office of the residents' committee) then protest march towards ….
When? Friday, March 1, at 4:00 PM 

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