Erwin is an average home seeker who, with a waiting period of several years, had no chance of finding a social rental home. As a temporary tenant in the former town hall in Schijndel, he ended up in a kind of prison. His landlord at 'De Vastgoedprotector BV' (directly affiliated with the Temporary Living Foundation) even forced his door, whereby the house was found to be 'not tidy'. Enough reason for these energetic property protectors to be able to evict him. They thought they could get away with this violation of tenancy law because according to them he is not a tenant at all, but has their room on 'loan'.

Claim housing security

Erwin contacted the BPW. We advised him not to just leave, to report trespassing by the landlord to the police and put him in touch with a housing law specialist from Law firm Voor-Recht for legal defense against his eviction.

Have two weeks ago BPW members and supporters supported him in court.
So now there is a statement: About the amount of 185 euros per month (excluding 132 euros in utility costs) says the judge. "It cannot be said with a sufficient degree of certainty that there is a loan agreement between the parties and not a rental agreement".

Nor is it sufficiently plausible that the shortcomings of [defendant] alleged by the Foundation (that he smokes in the space and that he keeps the space cluttered, filthy and not in a representative condition) justify the termination of the lease.

A 'perhapsYou can't just evict a tenant. So Erwin can stay. For now, until he finds something better. Because of course no one chooses an insecure living situation!

Grab your rental rights too

Do you also live temporarily, insecure or too expensive? Anti-squat agencies such as De Vastgoedbescherming often try to bluff their tenants by threatening lawsuits and fines. Don't fall for it.

Take up your tenancy rights in three simple steps:

1. Never sign any promises to leave
2. Organize yourself together with your fellow residents
3. Join the BPW