Haagse Mug 17 Oktober 2018

De Haagse Mug invites you to the presentation ¨Stop flex contracts en
breakdown of social rent. Housing is a right!¨ by Abel Heijkamp van de
Bond Precarious Housing Forms on Wednesday 17 October 2018 (19:30 – 21:30)
in Free Place Utopia.

Housing is becoming increasingly temporary, insecure and more expensive. Abel talks about
the precarious living situation that a growing group of people are experiencing
experiences. Affected are both young and old, and people from mensen
different income classes.

He explains the causes and backgrounds. And also goes into
policies or proposals that underpin the fundamentals of social
undermine the rental system as a whole, such as 'Scheefwonen', 'Appropriate'
Assigning' and 'Appropriate Living' (the title of a recent Manifesto of 23
housing associations). Later on are discussed: ghetto formation,
gentrification, rent protection and privacy.

After the break, Abel talks about the practice. The Bond Precarious Housing Forms
is a solidarity movement of volunteers who support each other from the
conviction that housing is a fundamental right that they must work for together
rise. The Bond offers (temporary) residents support in residential conflicts,
such as evictions and precarious living situations, provided those residents
get involved yourself.

Abel explains how to set up a solidarity network in practice, how
you make the problem publicly visible, and which action methods
are suitable for putting pressure on landlords, the market and politics.


Presentation: Abel Heijkamp, (

Place: Free Place Utopie, Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116, The Hague
Day: Wednesday 17 October 2018
Time: 19:30 – 21:30 (doors open from 19:00)
Org.: Haagse Mug (

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Route (OV) from HS station: tram 16 in the direction of Statenkwartier.
Get off: stop Elandstraat. Five minutes walk towards Waldeck
Pyrmont quay. Entrance on the corner with Elandstraat. Left hand, next to
The Lizard restaurant.
From The Hague Central Station: tram 3 in the direction of Loosduinen. Get off: stop
Elk Street (West). Corner entrance with Waldeck Pyrmontkade, next to
restaurant de Hagedis.De Haagse Mug provides lectures in The Hague on financial,
socio-economic and other themes. We hope it stimulates to
discussion, activation and strengthening of networks in the city.
Contact:  Web: haagsemug.n