Overhandiging Wonen is een recht, geen gunst aan Tweede KamerToday, October 9, 2018, tenants on behalf of 88 tenant organizations from all over the Netherlands presented their plea "Living is a right, not a favour" to the deputy chairman of the housing committee and the spokespersons for CDA, SP, D66 and PvdA.

This large group of organizations is protesting the Appropriate Living Manifesto that 23 corporations offered to Secretary Ollongren on June 6. The Appropriate Living Plan is: a further flexibilization of rental contracts and an adverse effect on housing security, the end of rent protection and a serious violation of the privacy of tenants.

Your corporation knows what is good for you… The core of the Plan Suitable Living is that the corporation has access to the level of income and the size of the household and will determine in how many rooms and at what rent the tenant must live. The ultimate aim is to force tenants to move and/or to increase rents. The proposal affects all tenants. AOW pensioners, flex workers, people who divorce: no tenant knows how long he can stay in his home. Again, the so-called 'skewed resident' is used as an alibi to justify the breakdown of tenancy law. The lower middle incomes are thus further excluded and smoked out with substantial rent increases. The problems will be relocated: they will have to live much more expensively or go into debt for a much too expensive owner-occupied home. The overall shortage of housing is not solved by this musical chairs with housing. Low-income tenants who, according to their housing association, live too large can also be forced to move. There is no evidence that this is a solution to the housing shortage. The Fitting Living Plan is poorly substantiated and full of assumptions and questionable figures.

Your corporation knows what is good for you… In this way, Dutch public housing is being phased out from a broad public provision to a flexible safety net for the very lowest incomes. The tenants' organizations of the 23 housing associations were not consulted or their objections were simply ignored. Rent protection as we know it now is the result of a long social struggle, but has been gradually being phased out in recent years

We know what is good for us… We want housing security, broad accessibility and affordable rent. We are now taking action against the Appropriate Living Plan. A corporation that, as a kind of benefits agency, knows everything about you, more rent increases, more flexibility, more uncertainty for tenants. That is what the Appropriate Living Plan comes down to.

The tenants' organizations will use all administrative, political and legal possibilities to stop the plan of the 23 corporations! This is only the beginning: as the next step, in mid-November we will present our Plea against Suitable Living to Aedes, the umbrella organization of the housing associations.

The initiators call for the petition of the Amsterdam umbrella organizations: “keep the right to tenancy” to co-sign: 

Read and sign the full Plea against Suitable Living on: For support email to , Tel. 020-6316682 (Han Wanders) or contact(@) 06 4768 65 43 (Abel Heijkamp)

The plea is now supported by these organizations
Residents' organization Vreewijk,
Tenants' association Vreewijk, Rotterdam
Tenants Association Patriomonium Vinkhuizen, Groningen
Tenants' association Feijenoord, Rotterdam
the Social Assistance Union
Anita Engbers, chair of the Labor Party Tenants Working Group
Woonspraak, tenant association of SSW in De Bilt (5000 homes)
Henk van Dijk/ Long Stay, No Way, Amsterdam
FNV Local, Amsterdam
BC Noorderlander complex, Amsterdam
East tenants' association, Amsterdam
Westerpark tenants' association, Amsterdam
Tenants' association Oud West, Amsterdam
Tenant interest South, Amsterdam
De Pijp tenants' association, Amsterdam
North tenants platform (HPN), Amsterdam
Bos en Lommer/De Baarsjes tenants' association, Amsterdam
Affordable Living North initiative, Amsterdam
Not for sale, Amsterdam
Tenants' association of Der Pekbuurt, Amsterdam North
Floradorp tenants' association, Amsterdam North
Residents' association Het Breed, Amsterdam North
Tenants' association Banne II Stadgenoot, Amsterdam-North
Residents' committee Noorlandercomplex Amsterdam-North
Residents' committee Kadoelerbraak, Amsterdam-North
Tenants' association Waterlandplein, Amsterdam North
Residents' Committee Vincent van Gogh East (formerly
Residents' Committee Complex 85), Amsterdam
Residents' committee Mesdagstraat, Amsterdam
Henk Oostland, chairman of the board of the MEVM tenants' platform, Drenthe
Residents' committee Markengouw eo Rochdale (Amsterdam North)
Residents' committee Complex 5, Fazantenweg, Kievitstraat, Eendenstraat and Kwartelstraat (Amsterdam North)
Residents' Committee De Tuin (Amsterdam Center)
Residents' committee Roerstraat Amsterdam
Bond Precaire Woonvormen
Tenants' association de Vechtstroom, Weesp
HBV de Klink, Nijmegen
Tenants' association Aalsmeer Kudelstaart (HAK)
Tenants' association Uithoorn & De Kwakel
Tenants Council Albanianae, Alphen aan de Rijn
Cooperating Parents' Organizations Ymere
Huudersvereniging Almere (Ymere)
Haarlemmermeer Tenants Association
The Watch Flame, Haarlem
Tenants Ymere, Amsterdam
Tenants Ymere, Weesp Muiden Muiderberg
Association PEL, Leeuwarden
Residents' association Olympia Amsterdam
Tenants Association West Betuwe (HBWB)
Joska Ottjes, General board member Vereniging de Kasko, Utrecht,
Working Group Equal Treatment Public Housing
Tenant interests Zeewolde
Democratic Academy Groningen
Residents' committee Zomerdijkstraat Amsterdam
Residents' association "The New Residential House" Utrecht
Tenants' association Hoogkerk/Noorddijk
Residents' committee Delftwijkzuid
Tenants' association de Alliantie, Amersfoort region
Tenants Network Mitros, Utrecht
HBO de Peel, Deurne (5000 social rental homes)
Ingrid Tijssen, chairman Tenants Interests Association Bulb Region
Tenants' Association Culemborg
Tenant advocacy organization Geldermalsen Municipality
Residents Council Tiel-Buren
Tenants Council Giesenlanden
Tenants Interest organization Lingesteden
Residents platform Oud-West Amsterdam
Housing association Wladiwostok Amsterdam
Residents' committee Westerkaap2 Amsterdam
Residents Council Laarbeek
Tenants and residents Interest Zederik
Tenants association Baston Wonen Participation Council in Zevenaar
Residents Consultation “On the Cour”
BC the Ice Ship
HV 'Bazuinlaan 3 to 145′, Rijswijk
HTIB, Turkish Workers' Association in the Netherlands
EMCEMO, Moroccan organization in the Netherlands
Arcade, Tenants' Dome, Amsterdam
Martin van 't Klooster, secretary of STOK, tenants' organization of Bo-EX, Utrecht
Xabier Jensen, chairman of STOK, tenant organization of Bo-EX, Utrecht
Tenants' association Bodegraven
Tenants' Foundation Lek & Waard Wonen, New Lekkerland
Tenants' Association Center, Amsterdam
Hardinxvelt-Giessendam Tenant Council Foundation
We Want Living space
Residents' committee BellamyNoorlander, Amsterdam
Tenants' association de Alliantie
Tenants platform Parteon, Zaanstad
Residents' Committee Potamos, Amsterdam
Support Persons:AH Schaefer
Roel Griffin,
P. de Roode
A. Lanson
Yvonne van Oorsouw
LM Lembeck
Dirkje Visser
Henk Schot
Fieke Vreeburg
Erwin van Bentum
Linde Langendijk
Mrs FAWijnne
Reinhard S. Cohen
T.van Eeden
Johan Lijftogt
Peter Reinewald
Jan Mast
A. Black
Corne Cremers
Jan van Delft
Miriam of Aller
K. van der Molen
Sabine Munzebrock
Johanna Baaij
I. Arvaic
D. Dias
Wj the Emperor
Esther Ros
Annechien Verheij
Aletta Binsbergen
Frits Lodder
M.Fieldd Dop
Henny Neijssel
Willem Fontijn
Truus van Vugt
Ad Lemmers
Harry Koop
Rob Ferencik
Onno van Buuren
Renk van Oyen