frisse wind alarm (1)

Three residents were evicted from their homes in a hurry by 'flex landlord' Villex. To their surprise, they found new 'flex tenants' in their home within a month. “A breath of fresh air,” said Villex. The victims found this action less refreshing. We at BPW even think this place stinks!

So we don't let ourselves be blown away; we backfire! We will therefore visit Villex on Wednesday 8 August to refresh their memory. This is not the first time that we get wind of unsavory practices by flex landlords. Hundreds of similar cases have already entered our mailbox. So this is no exception, but gradually 'very normal'.  

In our opinion, a system that causes housing insecurity for big money has no right to exist. Speaking shame online is not enough, be there or be the cigarSupport these tenants, support yourself!

How? By being at Villex, Paul Krugerstraat 41, Haarlem on August 8, 12:30 PM.

Let's not let this just blow over! BPW stands for housing security. We demand sustainable solutions, not lame excuses. Tenants are not exchangeable! We are going to redress and hand over our demands together with residents. Join us to back this up at the Villex office!

Read here de Press statement: 'Fresh Wind Alarm', action against Villex anti-squat agency.


See the report of the action visit here.