VOORKANT 1 Mei Flyer 2018 009Breakthrough and the Bond Precaire Woonvormen (BPW) have taken the initiative to national May 1 demonstration of the FNV in The Hague to form a block of jobless people, flex workers and flex tenants. With a separate block for livelihood security, we want to make it clear that the unemployed, flex workers and flex tenants organize from the bottom up, fight for their interests and also achieve success in the process.

The May 1 celebration starts at 2:00 pm with gathering at the Malieveld. The block of jobless, flex workers and flex tenants also gathers there. A program with music and speakers starts at that spot. We will take part in the FNV demonstration as a block from 3:00 pm. We call on everyone to make their voices heard during the May 1 celebration.

Block for livelihood
Tuesday 1 May
From 14:00 o'clock
the Hague

There will be speakers from, among others: We Want Living space, the Bond Precarious Housing Forms and Breakthrough. When they return to the Malieveld (around 5:00 PM), our participants will have food and drinks.

Subsequently, as BPW, we will take part in the demonstration for the right to housing and the city at 19:00. “A city for people, not a playground for the rich”. Location: Stationsplein in The Hague.

Read it here Press release: Block for social security -1 May 2018 – The Hague -Breakthrough and BPW


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Last year on May 1, there was a similar block with organizations from the bottom up at the FNV demonstration. View here the image report. Most speeches from then can also be viewed and read on our site, such as that of Floor workThe Welfare AssociationIMWU, the BPW and Breakthrough.