Stappenplan SolidariteitsnetwerkWhether it concerns our housing rights, working conditions, or social provisions, our livelihood security is under increasing pressure in many areas. At the same time, political parties and traditional trade unions are playing an increasingly smaller role in the social struggle. We are increasingly dependent on ourselves to turn the tide and stand up for our rights. But how exactly do you do that?

Wednesday April 18
From 20:00 o'clock
The Vowel
46 Van Broeckhuysenstraat

One method of struggle for economic and social security and solidarity is currently on the rise in the Netherlands: the solidarity network method. But what exactly is this method? How do you actually form a solidarity network? And what successes have already been achieved with it?

In the run-up to the annual May 1 celebration, Doorbraak is organizing an information evening on this theme, in collaboration with the Bond Precaire Woonvormen and Floor work. Speakers from these organizations will talk about their experiences with solidarity networks. Then you can ask the speakers questions and we will all discuss. Whatever your experiences, come and join the discussion about the future of social struggles from below!

Read the entire brochure of the BPW about setting up a solidarity network.

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