Talk show de Figurant TV about making living and working more flexible

17458259_196389594186643_9212011817422960184_nBeing flexible sounds nice. But when it comes to our livelihoods, is it still so much fun? More and more people are dealing with a flexible contract. Not only in connection with work, but also in connection with housing (renting). What does this development mean and is it related?

Mathijs van de Sande will discuss this with Eline Arisse of the Bond Precaire Woonvorm, which supports people in precarious rental situations and organizes joint struggles. The other guest is Ruben Bres from Young and United (FNV). He works with young people who are hardly accustomed to working with flexible employment contracts (and who are often also in a flexible rental situation). As an organizer he also organizes resistance against this development, in which the situation for (young) workers is getting worse, according to him. But how do you organize resistance with people who are very dependent on their temporary landlord or employer?

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