Arcade tenants' association opposes new De Key policy.

ArcadelogoPRESS RELEASE: Arcade tenants' association opposes new De Key policy.
The actions against evictions (through flexible renting) for housing security are broadening. #solidarity

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Press release 'No family on the street', Arcade September 25, 2017


On October 1, the young family of Busra Simsirel, with a baby of eight months, threatens to be put on the street by De Key. Her temporary lease has been terminated and she is getting stuck in the overcrowded housing market in her search for other housing. Her situation is also not dire enough to qualify for a safety net scheme. Arcade, the tenants' association for tenants of De Key, believes that it should not be on the street and has asked De Key why it does not use the 5% free allocation space of homes to help Busra find housing. Unfortunately in vain. The Key stands firm.

This case is the result of De Key's new policy, which is to make the housing stock and leases more flexible. Without taking into account the consequences this may have for tenants. Is De Key going in the direction of Uber and Airbnb? The benefits, not the burdens?

Customized 5% control

The Key may freely allocate 5% of its homes to home seekers who have received insufficient help through the regular channels. De Key has signed this municipal cooperation agreement, but refuses to provide this customization for Busra. De Key fears setting a precedent. The fact that people have children in a home for which a temporary contract has been concluded is at the expense of the parents, according to De Key. Under those circumstances, family formation should not be honored with replacement housing. Busra Simsirel's family has to make way for a newcomer on the housing market.


The Bond Precaire Woonvormen campaigns for Busra to prevent eviction. To date this has yielded no results. The Key doesn't care and refuses to talk about a solution. Action has also been taken towards the municipality. De Bond Precare Woonvorm and Busra have voiced live with the council. Alderman Ivens has promised to urge De Key to apply the 5% scheme.

Arcade fully supports the action of the Bond Precaire Woonvorm. Children should be able to grow up in a safe environment. A roof over one's head is an elementary necessity of life and also a fundamental right. In such emergencies, a good landlord, in this case De Key, must offer the tenant a proper solution. Arcade believes that De Key, as a social landlord, has a duty of care in this regard.

Why is the council not doing anything?

The municipality of Amsterdam confesses that no family is put on the street in Amsterdam. She cannot allocate a house herself. Just provide emergency care. That is why Alderman Ivens refers to the 5% Cooperation Agreement and states that it is not yet fully used. In other words, De Key should provide a solution. And so Busra's family falls between the two.

What does this situation of Busra expose?

Temporary contracts had to offer a solution to the housing problems of young people. After that temporary form of housing, a permanent solution for housing would be found, was the idea. However, in an overstrained housing market such as Amsterdam, this has turned out to be an illusion. Moreover, due to a lack of housing security, flexible rental contracts stand in the way of building a stable life, including family formation. Because these types of contracts are in danger of becoming the norm throughout the Netherlands, we must ask ourselves whether this consequence for society is a desirable development. Arcade believes that indefinite leases should remain the norm.

Arcade resists new De Key policy

Since 2016, De Key has been pursuing a new rigid policy that all its social housing is allocated to young people with whom temporary contracts (maximum 5 years) are concluded. This policy is anchored in De Key's articles of association. Arcade has objected to the permission of Minister Blok regarding the amendment of De Key's articles of association. The Housing Association Authority has yet to make a decision on behalf of the minister.

With this new policy, De Key has left the idealistic of Lieven De Key and the social of Onze Woning (the two predecessors of De Key) far behind. For that, a 'key hard' policy, in which maximum return within the public housing system appears to be the most important motive. When Uncle Joop Beaux hears this, he will turn over in his grave!

On behalf of the board of Tenants' Association Arcade,

Eef Stoffels, chairman

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