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Action against eviction family with baby in Amsterdam

Busra, her husband Zoubair and their baby Souhaib are at risk of being made homeless in Amsterdam as of 1 October by housing corporation De Key. More and more tenants like them end up on the streets thanks to uncertain flex rental contracts. In 2016, more than half of the new leases in Amsterdam were with an uncertain temporary lease, and 374 children were made homeless due to evictions. “We therefore ask people to make their voices heard, because today it's us, but tomorrow it's someone else.says Busra.

With the action campaign for housing and livelihood security #FuckFlex Busra, the Bond Precaire Woonvorm, Breakthrough and Not For Sale started a petition. In this, De Key is called upon not to put this family on the street. On September 12, 14:00, this widely supported petition, which has been signed more than 800 times, will be handed over at De Key's head office. There will also be a flex nursery open: a pop-up shelter for (flex) tenants who are made homeless. Everyone is called upon to come and bring trolleys, yoga mats and/or children's toys. Children are also very welcome.

Flex renting, the phenomenon of temporary instead of permanent leases, has really taken off. At the same time, the number of social rental homes is falling and waiting lists are growing. “Lack of alternatives, home seekers are condemned to live like flex nomads, wandering from temporary shelter to temporary shelter.” according to Abel Heijkamp of the Bond Precaire Woonvorm. “They cannot build a secure and secure existence.” With its new 'Room for movement' policy, De Key is now even working on making all its rental properties more flexible and temporary. As a result, more and more young tenants and families are experiencing difficulties.

The organizations believe that De Key should take its responsibility and provide all its tenants with housing security. “We want a city for everyone. We will claim that on September 12.” Busra is militant and does not intend to live on the street: “I will not leave my home on October 1 if there is no alternative. I will continue to live there until they either come up with a solution or I have found something myself. I am not going to live on the street with my child.”

We ask housing association De Key:

– let this family live in their house;
– stop the eviction and offer them housing security;
– change policies that create more and more flex nomads and homelessness;
– stop the flexibility and sale of our social rental homes;
– offer permanent leases;
– equal rights: rehousing in the event of eviction, also for flex tenants;
– stop dumping social responsibility. As a housing association, De Key is responsible for stable housing for all its tenants.

The petition handover is part of the #FuckFlex social security campaign. That starts with demanding good and stable housing for everyone. This campaign is an initiative of the Bond Precaire Woonvorm. The promotion is supported by, among others, Doorbraak, Niet for Koop, Tenants' Association East, Faircity and IBW-N. On September 12, 14:00, together with these organisations, tenants and children, we will send out a signal for the future. A certain dwelling; everyone deserves that


Note for editors:

Busra and Abel Heijkamp (of the Bond Precaire Woonvorm) are available for interviews.
For questions or images/photos, please contact Abel Heijkamp via 06-47686543 or

Date: September 12 – 2:00 PM
Location: Height Kadijk 179, Amsterdam, Housing Corporation De Key

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