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flex-crecheAs of October 1, a young family threatens with a baby in Amsterdam homeless to be made by housing corporation De Key. More and more tenants are being made interchangeable and put out on the street due to uncertain flex rental contracts. That has to stop. De Key must take its responsibility and provide housing security to all its tenants. We will claim this on September 12 during our action visit to De Key, out of solidarity with the family.

In August, the Bond Precaire Woonvormen, Breakthrough, Not for sale and other organizations and individuals a petition launched in which housing corporation De Key is called upon to help the family of busra, not to put Zoubair and their baby Souhaib on the street. On September 12, we will hand over this petition at De Key's head office. We also organize a temporary flex crèche there. We call on everyone to come with us and show De Key that we mean business. Stop evictions! Nobody on the street! #FuckFlex.

Handing over petition and flex-crèche
September 12th
Housing association De Key
Height Kadijk 179, Amsterdam
Facebook event
Bring tents, trolleys and yoga mats!

Flex nomads are coming to you this summer!

Flex renting, the phenomenon of temporary instead of permanent leases, has really taken off. At the same time, the number of social rental housing is falling due to the policy of liberalization and flexibility. More and more people have no choice and are forced, in the absence of alternatives, to agree to these deteriorated rental conditions. Home seekers, including flex workers, the unemployed, students and migrants, are condemned to live as flex nomads, roaming from temporary shelter to temporary shelter. They cannot build a secure and secure existence.

When Busra was able to start renting her current accommodation at the time, she already had no other options than to accept a flex rental contract reluctantly. Now the options are even less and the family threatens to end up on the street with a seven-month-old baby.

During the action visit to De Key on September 12, we are therefore organizing a flex crèche: a temporary pop-up shelter for homeless parents and children. When De Key throws tenants, both singles and families with children, out into the street without rehousing, tenants have no choice but to camp out on the street, with tents, trolleys and mattresses, in front of De Key's head office. In this way, the managers of the housing association can see with their own eyes the damage caused by their flexibilization policy.

Now she, tomorrow you?

More than 50 percent of people under the age of 35 have an insecure employment contract. In Amsterdam, more than 50 percent of new leases are concluded with a temporary flex rental contract. Flex contracts are increasingly becoming the norm in both the labor market and housing security, which means that livelihood insecurity is also increasing.

De Key is a strong proponent of making renting flexible. The housing association wants to rent out all its homes under temporary contracts. We want to let De Key know that this is crossing the line. We do not want a society in which security in the field of work and living becomes a privilege. We want housing and livelihood security for everyone! No one should be evicted, not this family or any other tenant. Housing associations such as De Key were established to provide stable housing for all its tenants, and not to evict people from their homes. We want De Key to change its policy, for the Busra family and for the rest of the tenants.

We demand decent housing and security for all

The petition handover is part of the #FuckFlex campaign for livelihood. That starts with demanding good and stable housing for everyone. This campaign is an initiative of the Bond Precaire Woonvorm. The promotion is supported by, among others, Doorbraak, Niet for Koop, Tenants' Association East, Faircity and IBW-N. Join

IMG_0770Sign and share the petition “No family on the street, stop flexible renting!”

Read more background information about the family and the Key here: