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IMG_0765Today the Bond Precaire Woonvorm (BPW) and other organizations launched a petition for a young family with a baby in Amsterdam who are in danger of being evicted by housing corporation De Key as of 1 October. Their campus contract has expired and they are not offered any replacement accommodation by the landlord.

Support this family and sign the petition!

In 2016, the number of families who became homeless and ended up in emergency shelters in Amsterdam rose by thirty percent to 217. This concerns 374 children. Another 960 families are at risk of eviction. For the BPW, Breakthrough and Not for sale has now reached the lower limit.

“Young people no longer have any security due to the flexibilisation of work and living. We are going to change that and have therefore launched a social security campaign. Of course, that starts with good and stable housing for everyone. We invite everyone to participate.”



Now she, tomorrow you.

Do you also grant people with a flexible contract in the field of work and living security of existence? Do you want to speak out against the disenfranchisement of flex tenants and against the eviction policy of housing corporations such as De Key? Let your heart speak now and sign the petition for this family here. The intention is that the petition will be presented to De Key, with which we ask for a social solution. Many thanks in advance on behalf of the family: Busra, Zoubair and Souhaib.

Bond Precaire Woonvormen
Not for sale

Support the fight for housing security!

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