Tenants' block for social security on May 1 demonstration

1mei2017flyervkKOn May 1, the Bond Precaire Woonvorm joins the demonstration! We call on insecure residents and (flex) tenants to form a block together on the 1 May demonstration. We join the bloc of jobless and flex workers that Breakthrough has organized. In addition to work, living is also a target of the increasing lawlessness and flexibility. Subsistence insecurity is now considered 'normal'. We at the BPW do not think this is normal and demonstrate for the right to secure, affordable and accessible housing for everyone.

So do you live temporarily, insecurely or too expensive? Or can't you find a home? Then participate and come to the May 1 demonstration for social security! We gather at 13.00 at the Jonas Daniël Meijerplein in Amsterdam, on the corner of the Hortusplantsoenbrug. There will be a program that lasts until 2 p.m. Then we participate as a block in the FNV demonstration.

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Support the fight for housing security!

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