Bond Precaire Woonvormen

BPW_bezoekministerblok_19mei_Rotterdam (11 van 15)A large collection of social organizations is speaking out today against the landlord levy, the levy rising to 2 billion euros that social landlords have to pay to the government. The FNV, Milieudefensie, the elderly organization KBO PCOB and many other organizations have joined this call from the Woonbond. In a joint manifesto they call on the next government to abolish this tax.

According to the organizations, the levy promotes poverty among tenants and is bad for first-time buyers, the elderly and people with disabilities looking for a suitable rental home, for employment and for the climate. The landlord levy is a tax that amounts to 2 billion euros. In practice, the levy causes a range of social problems.


The levy results in higher rents and less new construction and the supply of affordable rental homes, while the demand for these homes has grown. Due to rising rents, the levy is a major cause of poverty.

Unemployment and climate

The decline in investment has also led to an increase in unemployment in construction. Insufficient investment is also made in energy saving, which is badly needed for the climate.


'The landlord levy has turned out to be disastrous for tenants and home seekers,' says Woonbond director Ronald Paping. 'The social consequences are enormous. This is reflected in the broad support for the call to end the tax. Politicians cannot simply ignore this call.'


Under the call are the Bond Precaire Woonvorm, Federation Shelter, FNV, FNV seniors, Elke(in), the International Union of Tenants, KBO PCOB, KBO PCOB, KBO Churches and Poverty, LOC, LSVb, LVGO, Milieudefensie, Natuur en Milieufederaties, RIBW Alliantie , the Social Alliance, VACpuntwonen, Vluchtelingenwerk and the Woonbond.

For more information about this message, please contact Abel Heijkamp of the BPW on 06-47686543 or the contact form or with the Housing association

Read the call from the 18 organizations below.

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