PVDA candidate Member of Parliament Anita Engbers supports the occupation

IMG_0011[1]More and more parties are joining the tenant campaigns. PVDA candidate MP Anita Engbers also supports the actions. The BPW invites all tenants, tenant organizations and politicians to also support the residents' group.

A BPW spokesperson said: “Today, the fundamental right to (re)housing is being claimed by (flex) tenants. This is done by and for disenfranchised tenants themselves. The action is an important signal that things will not continue like this. The BPW already played cards several times the problems with flexible renting at Rochdale and in advance On. We are therefore very pleased to see that a growing group of residents, tenants and organizations are working together to claim the right to housing, where this right has been affected by flexibility. Also take action against evictions. The city belongs to everyone! #FUCKFLEX

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Read the Press Release here:
Anita Engbers, PvdA candidate for the House of Representatives for tenants, supports residents of Jerusalem, Watergraafsmeer.

I support the signal that residents in the Jerusalem district in Watergraafsmeer and the Bond Precaire Woonvorm are sending out today as PvdA candidate for tenants in the House of Representatives.

At the bottom of the housing market, more rent protection is needed instead of less. That is why I understand the temporary tenants in the Jerusalem district in Watergraafsmeer, who are occupying their home today; and for the Bond Precaire Woonvorm, which stands up loud and clear for vulnerable residents.

Having your own roof over your head is a fundamental right. The government has the task of providing sufficient housing throughout the Netherlands. That's in our Constitution. The fact that the waiting lists have only grown in recent years shows the failure of Blok's policy. This failure is now being passed on to tenants at the lower end of the housing market. In addition to job insecurity, there is now also housing insecurity. Like PvdA party leader Asscher, I say: It has to be different. Temporary rents are a bogus solution, which detract from the constitutional mandate.

Waiting lists are not a natural phenomenon but must be resolved. That is why in recent years as chairman of the Tenants' Working Group of the PvdA I have spoken out in every possible way against Blok's policy and I am now a candidate for the Lower House. I am at number 60 but hope to be elected with preferential votes under the motto 'Send a tenant into the House of Representatives!'


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Anita Engbers


Video of the action.

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