Support Robert Jan in the fight against evictions

A group of (temporary) tenants is currently being evicted in the Fibigerstraat in Amsterdam. Not because their houses are being demolished, but because their houses are suddenly converted. So extra temporality in temporality. An association of permanent and flex tenants does not agree with this.

Because the politics has stripped down our tenancy rights bit by bit there is a chance that this "exchange tenant" is legally "allowed". The BPW disputes the legitimacy of this, as this is not at all consistent with the social task/right to exist of housing associations: to offer safe, affordable housing with housing security.

Watch and share Robert Jan's video call. #FUCKFLEX

Robert Jan, a sports teacher working in Amsterdam, has kindly asked Rochdale to come up with a solution for his impending homelessness as of 11 November. But Rochdale is coldly ignoring the responsibility “The only advice I can give you is to register yourself with Alvast. They may be able to help you with a temporary home," she wrote in an email to the resident.

DSC04601“Shocking” says the BPW. “It seems that Rochdale is not learning anything from the criticism of the flex rental contracts and outsourcing constructions. Before the BPW raised the problems oa at anti-squat agency Alvast. For example in Amsterdam West where a large group of (temporary) tenants was evicted for the sale of social housing and protested”.

More and more people want to rent socially, but due to gentrification policy, there are fewer and fewer social rented homes. Due to the policy of Rutte and Minister Blok (Living), there are already 262,000 social rental homes disappeared. The rents are increased by more than 28% and the average housing costs of tenants are 41%. Tenants are treated like mobile moving boxes, who are allowed to leave if the landlord snaps his fingers. That can no longer be the case. This musical musical chairs with houses, where renting is becoming more and more expensive and more temporary, must stop. We demand housing and livelihood security for everyone!

The BPW and local housing cooperative Jerusalem therefore stand behind the residents and once again call on Rochdale to come up with a solution. We ask 2 very reasonable things.
1. Continue to live until demolition.
2. In case of eviction, rehousing.

We call on everyone to support Robert Jan and the residents and you join our solidarity movement. Because: Today it's Robert, but tomorrow it could be you.


Support the fight for housing security!

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