Support wanted! Stop Petra's eviction by Carex Fryslan!

stopbord-huisuitzetting-versie-2Would you like to help prevent eviction? Then come to the Waring 6, Grou on Monday 29 August at 08:45. It is now time for Carex anti-squat agency to settle down!

Petra lives through landlord Carex in the Frisian Grou. Last year, Carex informed her that her boyfriend was no longer allowed to visit her home. After asking why, Carex declined to explain the reason. No good reason to disrupt her enjoyment of living like this. Petra therefore did not agree with this inhumane situation and had her friend come to visit. “After all, a house without your partner is not a home”.

Her contract was terminated by Carex last July. After objecting, Carex suggested she be given an extra month to move.

In the meantime, she also wanted to get away from this dubious landlord and had found a new home through the Elkien housing corporation. She would sign the contract on August 25. But Carex has now also issued a negative landlord statement. As a result, she can no longer live in this social rental home.

Petra states “I do not agree with this and that is why I am taking action now. Carex should never treat people like that and wipe out the basis of someone's existence”

Shut down and clamped

Carex doesn't care about the house right of residents and put people on the street without mercy. It's ridiculous that you have to get rogue landlords, illegitimate "landlord statements" that go back up to 5 years. Carex has therefore completely trapped Petra.

Evicting Petra on these dubious grounds and then depriving her of her right to a home is simply outrageous. The BPW will not accept this!

Stop evictions

petraThe planned delivery is on Monday 29 August 09:00. Petra will not leave until she has another home and the (unfortunately still) necessary explanation for this. To prevent missteps by dubious landlords such as Carex and any illegal eviction during the planned delivery, we ask our Frisian followers to come to Petra on Monday 8:45 and support her in her home.

Location: De Waring 6, Grou. Time 08:45

Please contact Petra by phone (06-53525291) to let us know that you are coming and support her.

Support the fight for housing security!

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