Large banner campaign in Amsterdam against sale and flexibilization of social rent

13495592_737874819648788_8680697094139976448_oVia Not for Sale. Today banners have appeared at various points in Amsterdam. The banners contain texts such as 'Stop selling social rent' and 'Amsterdam is not for sale'. This is out of great dissatisfaction with the current and upcoming housing policy in the city.

The BPW wholeheartedly supports this excellent action!

Do you also want to participate? Download 2 NOT FOR SALE posters for behind the window at the bottom of this page. Take a picture and put it on twitter or facebook #fuckflex #niettekoop

Niet te Koop continues: “The sale and liberalization of social rental housing continues, as a result of which the stock of social rental housing has fallen below 30% in parts of the city. Meanwhile, the waiting lists are growing taller".

“The city is coming up with new agreements (…/Publieksversie…) to solve the housing shortage. By means of flex contracts, anti-squat, temporary leases and campus contracts, a “patch” solution is devised for the persistent demand for affordable housing. However, these 'plaster' solutions do not offer the prospect of permanent, affordable housing. Such as with the flex contract, which is being introduced for young people. They receive a one-time contract for five years and are then forced to rent in the free sector or to buy.

“These plasters cover the view of the wound, but do not provide permanent healing. The great uncertainty and demand for affordable housing are magnified by this appearance”.

Earlier this year, a house was already occupied in the Borgerstraat and we went to visit fellow townsman.

Watch it here video report back from that action. Stadgenoot recently blocked the BPW on Twitter. It is clear: Stadgenoot cannot take criticism. First they circumvent tenancy law through Anti kraken BV and Ad Hoc, than with 5 year contracts. You will be blocked if you have critical questions.

Now residents are once again showing that it can no longer be like this! Stop the demolition! Stop the sale of social housing! Stop the social city's sale!


Join the protest! Download the poster here (for example for behind the window) Take a picture and put it on twitter or facebook #fuckflex #niettekoop




Support the fight for housing security!

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