BPW TV Episode 8 “A visit to Stadgenoot”

Last week (30 May) we visited Stadgenoot with a wide (international) selection of tenants and residents' organizations. The visit was a great success! Politicians and corporations must listen to us. Things have to change.

This solidarity visit was made possible in part by: Bond Precaire Woonvorm,Recht op Stad, Tenants' Associations from South, Oud West and East, Faircity, The European action coalition for the Right to Housing and the City, PAH, DAL, TheCommon front for the right to housing and many more.

The Bond Precaire Woonvorm thanks everyone for coming. We also hope to be able to count on your support and solidarity in the coming time. Together we can win this battle!

In this episode of BPW TV we visit Stadgenoot.

With contributions from:
1:00 until 3:26 Gerard Schuitemaker (Old West Tenants' Association)
3:47 until 7:00 Roel Walraven (former alderman CPN)
7:20 until 10:20 Bart Stuart (Faircity)
10:30 until 12:48 Javier Arizmendie (Platforma Afectados Hypothecas Spain)
13:25 until 16:10 Rita Silva (Portugal Habita)
16:11 until 17:55 Iona Vlad (The common front for the right to housing Romenia)
18:30 until 20:12 Frans Ondunk (East Tenants' Association)
20:13 until 21:00 Francoise (Droit Au Logement France)
21:45 until 25:00 Pim de Ruijter (city mate Public Housing Corporation)
25:22 until 25:55 Bart Stuart (Faircity)
26:40 until 27:55 Gerard Leussink (Bond Precarious Housing)
27:55 until 29:11 Iona Vlad (The common front for the right to housing Romenia)
29:42 until 31:15 Abel Heijkamp (Bond Precarious Housing)

This visit is at Stadsgenoot because she evades tenancy law with all kinds of flex and temporary contracts and, despite her “social task” actively lobbying for the disappearance of tenant rights. This action is also in solidarity with residents all over Europe who are in housing insecurity and who are claiming their right to the city.

Stadgenoot himself says: “Can't you afford a free sector rent or owner-occupied home? Then you have to get out of town!”

Waiting lists in Amsterdam are growing due to gentrification, privatization and sale of social housing. In the meantime, new 2- and 5-year contracts have been introduced, which make rents more flexible and further undermine housing security.

With an ever shrinking stock of affordable housing, many (temporary) residents are forced to move through the city as nomads, or even leave the city.

On May 30, European housing ministers will meet in Amsterdam to forge plans for further gentrification and making our cities unaffordable. That is why housing activists from all over Europe will come to Amsterdam from 28 to 30 May to voice a dissenting voice. Information about the program can be found at

We demand:
– Direct control over housing and investments by the residents;
– An accessible, fair and open city for everyone;
– Stop flexibilisation and sale of social housing.
– Social rights for all, rich and poor.

Flex or not flex, housing is a right.
Flex nomads are coming to you this spring!

English info:

Would you like to know more about making living and working more flexible, gentrification and housing association Stadgenoot? Then watch the documentary “Everything Flex?”. (


Support the fight for housing security!

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