Camelot and Municipality of Boxtel guilty of death by electrocution

IMG_6500[1]The municipality of Boxtel, Camelot Beheer and the technical service of that organization must each pay a fine of 60,000 euros because of the death of Janneke van Gaal. The judge found the three parties guilty of wrongful death. The woman was electrocuted in January 2013 while in the shower.

The judge finds that the woman's death is partly the result of the actions of the suspects. It was known, for example, that the power supply in the anti-squat building where the woman lived was not working. Previously, inmate Akash Ragoenath (photo) received electric shocks when he was in the shower where Janneke died. The cause of this has not been adequately remedied.

The BPW states “this is the umpteenth abuse arising from this lawless residential/security construction. Now is the time for politicians to take action and curb these companies. Self-regulation and freedom of contract lead to massive exploitation and have arguably not worked. We now demand action from Minister Blok and politics before it goes wrong again“.


In response to the incident, Camelot sent an incapable technician from the technical service who stated that the problem had been "solved". This while the technical installation in 3 of the 6 groups was ungrounded. Both the municipality and Camelot Beheer have been "remarkably negligent", the court finds.

pointing at each other

Camelot and the municipality mainly blamed each other in court. Boxtel blamed Camelot for poor maintenance, the landlord in turn said that the municipality as owner is ultimately responsible. The court took their behavior into account in determining the sentence. Ellen Schenkel's mother Janneke stated during the case about the municipality of Boxtel and Camelot: "I will denounce their negligence wherever I can". She even had to ask several times for a refund of Janneke's deposit. “Ethical awareness Camelot is hard to find.” Nevertheless, the municipality of Boxtel still works together with “certified Vacancy Manager” Camelot.

Tenants the victim

It is outrageous that tenants on waiting lists for this ping-pong have to bear responsibility with responsibility.  It is the umpteenth time that Camelot exploits tenants. That has to stop. We call on tenants of Camelot and other anti-squatting companies to continue reporting their story. Together we stand strong to demand housing rights for everyone.


Yesterday, RTL 4 also reported on the electrocution case for which Camelot and the municipality were convicted. Look back at the item below (from 12:30 to 15:30) with a short contribution from the Bond Precaire Woonvorm. After all, the abuses among tenants who have been disenfranchised are not isolated and can happen again tomorrow. Like Janneke's roommate, Akash Ragoenath, we hope that lessons will be learned from this case. The BPW wishes the relatives, friends and family of Janneke a lot of strength.


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