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DSC04603Can't buy? Then get out of your house! Khadija and her daughter Yasmine were told that. Accept as fact of life? No, it is not! The actions of flex tenants who claim their housing rights are expanding. Last Monday, the BPW and the Kolenkitgroep held a solidarity action against gentrification and evictions at Rochdale. The atmosphere was good but combative and it was nice to see that so many people and organizations show solidarity with us and join the housing struggle.

The demands;
1. Stop selling 154 RENTAL homes viawoningen COOL KIT. Keep the social/public rent.
2. Make temporary, permanent leases.
3. Rehousing in case of eviction.

It is urgently necessary to collectively continue with the housing struggle because families, young people and actually all tenants are massively threatened by new bills (1) (2) who break the rent protection through 1 and 5 year contracts. As a result, leases with good legal protection are being supplanted by flex contracts with poor legal protection without creating extra living space. We do not want a society where labor and housing are made more flexible, where tenants become interchangeable and people collectively lose their rights. We NOW demand social security for everyone, starting with Khadija and Yasmin who are threatened with eviction. The gentrification and displacement politics of “Rich in, Poor out” must stop now!  Don't get precariousMinister Blok is letting tenants and their rights fall hard. Our answer is to claim housing rights for everyone through direct action. We invite you to join us. Nobody on the street! Nobody invisible!

Friday 8 January there will be another action meeting at 15:00 in the Kolenkitbuurt where, in addition to residents, various active (permanent and flex) tenants, tenant organizations and sympathizers will be present. (be welcome to show solidarity. Please let us know that you are coming via or The exact location will follow)

Follow the residents on Twitter @kolenkitgroep or Facebook Temporarily in the coal kit.

Various media have reported on the action. Read more backgrounds in the watchwordthe Trouw ,The subway , Breakthrough,  The Housing Association, global info and listen it too Interview with one of the residents on Radio 1.

De Bond Precaire Woonvorm is the national specialist in the field of temporary housing and legislation. If you have any questions about the above topics, we can of course be reached via the contact form. Read more about criticism here the bill of Minister Blok and the proposal “Youth contracts” by Carola Schouten.   News is that the PVDA threatens to agree to, among other things, the 5-year contract to limit the rent protection! This despite a passed motion at Congress not to do so. The Party leadership is thus aiming for an escalation with tenants, tenant associations and their supporters.

Below you will find some pictures of the action.




Support the fight for housing security!

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