Exit rent protection for young people threatens by law Christenunie

CAD6qrRWAAAZZtA.jpg largeYouth contracts are the next offspring in the growing trunk of temporary leases. Today the law on temporary youth contracts (34156) is being discussed in the House of Representatives.

The law will ensure that young people up to the age of 28 can hardly get a home with rent protection. The BPW is strongly opposed to this more flexible living environment and will continue to oppose, together with tenants, the legalized livelihood insecurity. In recent years, the laws on temporary rental have been increasingly broadened, extended and liberalized, resulting in a growing group of precarious tenants in permanent insecurity. Everything must flex and temporary is the dominant neo-liberal ideology. Get active. it's high time for an active tenant struggle!

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“Almost all parties recognize that the housing market needs structural long-term solutions for all target groups, but young people in particular. Even Roald van der Linde (VVD) acknowledges that the problem in the housing market is on the supply side. Nevertheless, he supports this proposal which is again rumbling on the demand side.

The current proposal is rightly seen as a temporary stopgap, as the Council of State has also indicated. After all, everyone knows that the housing shortage will not be solved within 5 years. Wouter Koolmees (D66) notes that temporary contracts in Amsterdam proved not to be a solution because, after 5 years, young people are still high enough on the waiting list.

PvdA, CDA and D66 wonder what happens at the end of the 5 years of a youth contract. Is there no duty of care necessary for the landlord to ensure that young people do not become homeless after all? Farshad Bashir (SP) knows what happens at the end of a temporary contract. Young people are then forced into a subsequent, often even worse, temporary contract. Bashir raises the question of where flexibility will end. Will there soon be flex diplomas or even flex children?

Without thinking critically about it, D66, CDA, SGP, and VVD believe the Christian Union's claim that taking away residents' rights leads to more houses. The PVV makes it even more colorful by stating that the quality of the homes will even increase as a result. In reality, temporary contracts will only lead to more rent increases.

Only the SP and the PvdA are clear about the solution to the housing shortage; More homes. The landlord levy has meanwhile ensured that in 2014 40% less was invested in affordable housing.

According to Albert de Vries (PvdA), rent protection is important for many people. He is supported in this by the SP. In their view, permanent contacts should therefore remain the norm. The "whims" or "creativity" of malicious landlords is also seen as a danger by Erik Ronnes (CDA) and Roelof Bisschop (SGP). This danger only increases with temporary contracts.

Roelof Bisschop and Farshad Bashir (SP) are the only ones who realize that reserving part of the housing stock for a certain group will make the housing shortage even worse for all people outside that target group. Another very vulnerable group that, according to the SGP, must be protected are refugees, about which the PVV had said a little earlier that they should not get a roof over their heads.

There are already all kinds of flex contracts for homes. A further stacking of these is undesirable. That is why Farshad Bashir (SP) proposes to at least put an end to anti-squat contracts when a new flex contract is introduced.”


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Minister Blok is also working on new laws to break down tenancy rights through all kinds of new temporary contract forms.

The BPW response to the bill to expand temporary lettings Minister Blok   

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