Demonstration Right to City! 1 October Amsterdam

POSTER-RECHT-OP-STAD-kleinOn October 1, there will be a demonstration on the Dam in Amsterdam at 19:00 for the “Right to City”. All kinds of rights and freedoms of citizens are under considerable pressure. Public housing is being sold out and tenancy rights are being demolished at a rapid pace. We don't accept that! We will not stand on the sidelines. Time for resistance! The BPW wholeheartedly supports this demonstration and calls on everyone to show solidarity. Are you coming too?


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Right to social (housing) policy)

The city belongs to everyone, including the poor and the refugees. The city council must stand for the greatest possible mix, so that not only people or organizations with money, but everyone has a chance to settle in a place of their choice. The city center is an essential part of the quality of life in the city and must therefore also be preserved for cheap rental of homes and shops.

Right to live together

A big city is made up of its neighbourhoods. These must be neighborhoods made by its inhabitants, neighborhoods where the greengrocer, the baker and the local tailor have a place. Amsterdam is not a brand, but a city where people live together.

Right to knowledge & education

The city is a hub of knowledge gathering and dissemination. The city must stand firm for its students and point out to the Universities its role: so focus on the quality of education and reduce real estate speculation! Less power for management and more power for teacher and student!

Right to autonomy & culture

The city is a thousand villages. The city is nothing without its inhabitants. The city is alive! It blooms not by raking and encapsulating it, but by letting it fray and bloom! The city should focus on scaling down and support autonomous residents and neighborhood organizations in caring for their neighbourhood. This gives faster and more immediate results than regulations and criminalization will ever achieve. The city remains vital if it gives room to experiment and go crazy. And everyone gets the chance to start all over again.

Right to demonstration & resistance

Right to demonstration: the city in particular is a place where people should be able to stand up for their own ideals without fear of repression. Administrators and law enforcement officers may not criminalize means of action such as occupations and squatting. People will have to understand that resistance – in the case of evictions from squats, charges on demonstrations and brutal arrests – is a natural right.

Right to a just Amsterdam

In short: Right to City = Right to a just city, with an eye for culture, activism, diversity and equal opportunities!

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Support the fight for housing security!

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