Demonstration report Stop the rental explosion! Tenant struggle is on

CAD6qrRWAAAZZtA.jpg largeOn March 14 there was a demonstration in Amsterdam against the rental explosion. More than 50 organizations and 1500 people joined the demonstration. The BPW was also present and spoke about the change in housing and youth housing.

No rent reduction without an active tenant struggle.

It has become clear that the rent reduction will not come without active tenants and struggle. Further actions will have to be taken to get the rental policy in a fairer direction. Flexibility of living with expensive rents is not the solution according to the BPW. Housing associations must come under the direct control and self-government of the tenants, and more public housing must be built. That is the best recipe against precarization and rent increases. The Netherlands is now the second most expensive country in Europe in terms of housing. ssince the 1970s real rents have doubled. Almost 30% of the tenants now lives below the poverty line. These are not “social rents”. This is the result of years of price-increasing land and real estate game resulting from neo-liberal ideology. The BPW states “Residential space is not a commodity! Use value instead of commercial value must again come first.” The demonstration was a good start, but more will have to be fought, demonstrated and occupied together to really regain control over real estate and our cities.

Downgrade course.

The resistance against the rental explosion is increasingly shared. It seems that tenant organizations and tenants finally come to realize that the time for polder consultation with these politicians and property owners has now really come to an end. After the real estate/credit crisis, the banks were rescued with tax money from tenants, among others. The damage of the enormous real estate bubble lay with society. As a result, public facilities are being cut, landlord levies are introduced and tenants are allowed to foot the bill. Meanwhile, millions of m2 of commercial space and living space are vacant, but rents remain unaffordable. What about “market forces”?! Property owners urgently need a depreciation course! Let's lend a hand.

The demonstration on March 14 was a very good start. Let the tenant struggle broaden!

Watch the video report here.

The action stops the rental explosion! continues. You can sign the petition here.

“If you want something to change, you have to do something for it. We will no longer be deprived of our strength! Han Wanders of the Initiative for Affordable Housing.

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