Block eviction from Camelot in Eersel

Tomorrow (March 27) there will be an eviction in Eersel. Camelot has announced with “gross artillery” to come. Tenant Shanon complained about mold, asbestos and leaks that are abundant in the building. Camelot ignored the problem and did nothing for over 13 months. Earlier another resident already received airway and breathing problems problems due to months of leaks and mold in a Camelot building in Amersfoort also in Zaandam it went wrong.

In order to get rid of the problem of a "difficult" resident, who wants to see her rights respected, they have canceled her contract. Her house is now standing already rented out for the next tenant.

The resident has replaced her lock, relies on her peace of mind and does not like the so-called “control inspections” by Camelot. She also does not agree to the eviction. Now that politicians are not doing anything about the structural abuses in anti-squat and the exploitation of tenants, we are forced to find solutions ourselves.

Who is from Brabant and wants to support Shanon if Camelot again tomorrow (1) (2) make an illegal eviction attempt? Then please contact the BPW.

Overview photo situation at home in Eersel

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