Announcement Basta! Debate Unintentionally leaving your home?! Families duped by municipal plans

timthumb.phpWould you like to know more about gentrification and the background of your housing problems? Then come to this Basta! Debate evening organized by Kritische Studenten Utrecht.
Last year, the BPW also reported about the Kanaleneiland district in Utrecht on her website. Different groups of tenants are exchanged for each other. How come exactly?
Mon Apr 06, 2015
19:30 – 22:00

Empty houses, haunted neighborhoods, families with all their belongings standing on the doorstep.

Silently, almost unobtrusively, the municipality of Utrecht has initiated a phenomenon whereby the residents of certain neighborhoods are unintentionally evicted from their homes. Expensive shops and even more expensive owner-occupied houses must be built in places that were initially designated for cheaper housing, intended for people who are not too wealthy. The municipality wants to make neighborhoods more prosperous and current residents do not fit into the picture.

Kanaleneiland, Overvecht: neighborhoods that are the victims of the unwanted population displacements, driven by the municipality. It is often social housing and rental houses that are affected: the people who need it most are evicted for the big money.

These plans cannot and should not be implemented tacitly! Families should not be kicked out uncritically! It's time for this phenomenon to come to the fore: basta!

Come to the next Basta! Evening organized by Kritische Studenten Utrecht and hear more about the developments that are already underway in Kanaleneiland.

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