Demonstration March 14 Amsterdam: Stop the rental explosion!

Paleis700333Together with 50 other organizations, the Bond Precaire Woonvorm is calling on tenants to come and demonstrate in Amsterdam on 14 March.

The rents are year in year out significantly increased. The rent protection is being abolished step by step. The demands of precarious tenants are not listened to. Now it's goodbye! Time for a solidarity voice.

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The rent is paid dearly!
Renting is becoming unaffordable. The largest group of tenants are households with a low or modest middle income. Every load increase is felt immediately. The rent increases weigh heavily, too heavily, on their shoulders. Research confirms that.
Over the past two years, rents have increased by 4% annually to 6.5%, which is way above inflation. With a rent of € 500 per month, you will lose € 500 to € 800 more per year. Tenants worry about whether they will be able to pay the rent in the future. Many of them are or are being confronted with drastic decreases in their disposable income, due to unemployment, a decrease in pensions, rising health care costs, etc. For many households there is no prospect of an increase in purchasing power in 2015.

Impoverishment , even poverty , among tenants is on the rise . . .
The Government has introduced the 'landlord levy', a tax measure for lessors of social housing. This year, that should bring the treasury 1.3 billion euros. In 2017 even 1.7 billion. The Amsterdam housing associations have agreed to this tax measure and the costs are fully recovered from the tenants. Just like the tenants pay the bill for the mistakes of various housing associations. The parliamentary committee of inquiry has made that painfully clear.

T he tenants are screwed!
Landlords use the landlord levy as legitimacy to drastically increase rents and sell a large part of the social housing (23,000 already sold). In Amsterdam, the gap between the justified demand for a suitable and affordable rental home and the available supply is widening. The long waiting lists speak for themselves. Are you young, starter? Bad luck, wait for years for a home. Flow through? Also had bad luck, because for a smaller home of lesser quality you pay more. It seems as if politicians and landlords (including corporations) are blind and deaf to the signals from the neighbourhoods, to the way in which many thousands of people are being oppressed.

This policy must stop!
That is why we call for:
and we advocate: an inflation-adaptive rental policy (rent increase may not exceed inflation)

more social housing for low and middle-income groups

We expect Amsterdam politicians, the Municipal Executive, the members of the Amsterdam city council and the landlords (housing corporations) to take their responsibility and stand up for the rights of tenants, including towards The Hague.

At present, many tenants and tenants' organizations across the country are defending themselves against rising rents and expressing deep concern about how to move forward with the housing of all those who have to rely on social housing.

Make your voice heard and join us on Saturday 14 March 2015

START DEMONSTRATION: Jonas Daniël Meijerplein 2 p.m

FINAL EVENT: Dam 3 p.m
K to resist , join us !

Support the fight for housing security!

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