Bond Precaire Woonvormen


maagdenhuisThe BPW supported the Protest march for more democracy in higher education and the recent occupation of the Maagdenhuis. We call on everyone to support the students in their further struggle. Direct decision-making by those involved in all areas of society is of the utmost importance. The dominant logic of how to govern and how to finance must be questioned from the bottom up everywhere from housing to education, work to income.

After the introduction of the loan system that puts students in debt and increasingly more precarious housing it is now time for a different course. Everywhere and now.


Broad solidarity in these times of austerity and authoritarian neo-liberal “government” measures is needed. A small governing elite has taken power for too long at the expense of democracy and the participation of all. At the BPW we meet people who can no longer study because it is too expensive and that they are not in decent housing have at hand. Tenants are threatened with heavy fines if contracts are terminated for arbitrary reasons. Social rights are being demolished at a rapid pace and there is no participation whatsoever.

Social security and democracy.

Temporary contracts in the field of housing and work in all parts of society lead to fundamental lack of freedom and fear. That's not democracy. The malaise is total a general strike is needed! The demands of the demonstrators must therefore be met and the actions broadened. Squatting and occupying buildings to demonstrate injustice and to claim rights through direct action is an excellent means. But livelihood security for everyone and direct control over all parts of society will not happen by itself. It is only through social struggle that changes come. From tenant to student. We call on everyone to support the actions and the occupiers (of their own university!) in a direct way. Also show solidarity as a tenant and come to the demonstration on March 14th “Stop the Rental Explosion”. 

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1. Democratic election of the university board
2. Change in the allocation model: funding based on input, not based on returns
3. Termination of the current Profile 2016
4. Referenda per institute and study program on the collaboration between the UvA and the VU at the Faculty of Science
5. Permanent contracts instead of flexible appointments
6. An open debate on housing costs versus cutbacks in education and research.
Related to this: retention of the Bungehuis as a UvA location.