BPW response to bill to extend temporary rental. Stop the abolition of rent protection!

scriptie_wvanhoof_middelklein-(2)The Dutch government wants to legislation on temporary rental again (1.2.3,4) widen.

The proposed changes threaten to make it easier for landlords to terminate leases under the 'urgent own use' clause. In addition to 5 years and “target group” contracts, it is proposed, among other things, to introduce short-term rental contracts with a maximum of 2 years, to expand the vacancy law to include rental properties for sale and to expand the campus contract to include PhD students.

According to the BPW, the proposals put “a bomb under tenancy law”. This amendment to the law is in line with a trend in which 'permanently insecure' housing is increasingly becoming the norm and the permanent rental contract remains out of reach for a growing group. Daily becomes the Bond faced with the consequences of this politically created insecurity. Recently, the BPW therefore sent a detailed response to the bill to extend temporary letting which was consulted until November 6.

Rent protection abolished
Moving regularly is expensive, time consuming and stressful. Stable and safe living is important, it should therefore become a fundamental social right with good legal protection for everyone. This bill gives landlords far too much power and turns tenants into temporary residents. The BPW, together with (flex) tenants, is fighting against the extreme flexibility of housing.

In the coming period, the BPW, together with other (flex) tenants, tenant organizations and parties involved, will draw attention to this bill, which abolishes rent protection for large parts of the population.

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Read here the full BPW response to the bill to expand temporary rentals.


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