Evicted precarious tenants demonstrate at the Eigen Haard housing corporation for replacement housing

ilona voor raamTwo tenants who lived in an Eigen Haard demolished house against payment to anti-squat agency Camelot received a notice of termination 3 days after moving into the house. But no new offer. They are now homeless and feel that Eigen Haard is evading its responsibility for the residents of its homes. They demonstrate with the support of the Bond Precaire Woonvorm for their demand for alternative housing. The demonstration will take place on Friday morning, June 6 at 11:30 am at the office of Eigen Haard, Arlandaweg 88 (near Sloterdijk NS).

Reasoning tenants away?
Recently there is a bill presented that aims to turn every “starter” into a flex tenant with a temporary contract. Flexible living is often presented as an 'opportunity' for people with a bad position on the housing market. But what actually happens at the end of such a contract? People are put on the street and forced to leave “their” city. These tenants then disappear from sight: tidy is neat. In that system, tenants are fully at the service of those with the real estate capital. After every eviction, every tenant who "flows through" becomes a "starter" over and over again and the circus starts all over again. The BPW states “Residential space is not a commodity. We do not accept that tenants of any taste are explained away in the disenfranchised logic of temporary housing. We demand housing with rental rights and NOW!”

Flex nomads are coming to visit you this summer!
Housing corporation Eigen Haard claims that no one has ended up on the street at all, that Camelot evicts the tenants, and that it has absolutely nothing to do with the flex tenants. Rob and Ilona lived in their house for 3 days before receiving a 4 week notice. Rob had signed the contract 3 days before the cancellation. Ilona 4 weeks before, she had accepted the precarious accommodation out of necessity because she had to move out of another temporary home in Zaandam at short notice. In the meantime, they must have moved some stuff to the “new” living space. Even the minimum residence term for temporary rental of 6 months and the notice period of 3 months are not respected and have been deliberately circumvented by Eigen Haard and Camelot. Despite last year's Parliament passed motion Tweede which calls on housing associations to only work with temporary rental in the event of vacancy due to demolition or renovation, instead of the completely disenfranchised anti-squat.

Now these ex-tenants are, as hidden homeless people, dependent on their social network as a home.
The BPW does not accept that tenants are repeatedly forced into invisibility as flex nomads and their minimum rights are taken away. Because: Is this an individual problem? No. Are many people in similar precarious housing positions? Yes. That's a real shame. This is not how you treat people and their housing rights. We want a solidarity society. We demand that Eigen Haard implement the adopted motion to stop anti-squatting. We demand immediate livelihood security, respect for minimum rights and a socially inclusive system. We therefore demand suitable and replacement housing for Ilona and Rob NOW!

Do you live in Precar? Show solidarity!
Come to the head office of Eigen Haard at Arlandaweg 88 in Amsterdam on June 6 at 11:30 am. Take sound with you!

Read the article that the BPW previously published about this case.

Support the fight for housing security!

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