Flex tenants from Amsterdam demand social security and respect for minimum rights

verhuisdozenjpgFlex tenants from the Jan Vethstraat in Amsterdam do not agree with an imminent eviction. Last month Rob and Ilona involved via Camelot  a house of housing association woning Own fireplace on Jan Vethstraat. However, after 3 days of “living” they received their “contract” cancellation again. Now they threaten to be put out on the street without replacement housing and relocation costs.

“Because of long waiting lists for social rental, I went to live with my sister in an anti-squat. In my previous home I received a contract termination from Camelot and Parteon after 10 days. We came here due to moving house and housing shortage. Now I have to move again after 3 days with a short departure period of 4 weeks!” “We have nowhere to go and that's why we're not leaving here. Even though our lawless anti-squat contract states that we do not have those rights. We are not relocation cattle, we demand respect for our minimum rights!” makes Rob combative

Respect for minimum rights.
For temporary rental, a minimum residence period of 6 months and a notice period of 3 months applies. The BPW is committed to ensuring that housing corporations actually stop circumventing the Vacancy Act by means of the lawless anti-squat construction and the motion that has been passed on this in the House of Representatives is carried out. Eigen Haard should therefore not have worked with the anti-squat construction in this demolition complex. The BPW therefore demands that Eigen Haard and Camelot still respect the minimum duration of 6 months of living and that they do not put tenants out without rights after 3 days and the too short notice period of 4 weeks. This means that the demolition of the building will be postponed and therefore cannot start yet. The BPW demands immediate livelihood security, respect for minimum rights and a social inclusive system. An illegal eviction of flex tenants without a court eviction order, as Camelot already did several times did or tried to do  is therefore also not an option.

On the labor market and housing market, a growing group of flex nomads which is stuck on both fronts and is being driven forward in a system with less and less legal certainty. In spite of the consequences we always see suggest more , which precarize our lives and sweep away the certainty from under our existence. More and more people are getting into trouble because of the flexibility. That is not a “technical” and individual problem of personal responsibility, but a collective problem and risk. According to the BPW, this situation is not sustainable.


On Friday 6 June at 11:30 am we will hold a demonstration at the head office of Eigen Haard, Arlandaweg 88 in Amsterdam (near Sloterdijk station) “We call on everyone to come and support these precarious tenants and will have to hold a serious conversation about the task of a housing corporation and the involvement of agencies such as Camelot in Own fireplace in iig 179 buildings. The eviction of tenants who have nowhere to go must be prevented at all times. "Let's work together to make housing a basic right again, including social protection for ALL tenants, especially flex tenants," says the BPW.

Would you like more information or contact the tenants? Then take via this form contact the BPW.

The names of the tenants have been changed for privacy reasons.

Support the fight for housing security!

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