Temporary renting of the cabinet proposal leads to disenfranchised flex nomads

Logo_19o_NLThe cabinet wants again the possibilities of temporary renting
expanding and suggests that home seekers need it. In
reality, the cabinet has no idea what the needs of people
and let it listen only to the commercial interests of
(in this case) the real estate sector. The cabinet is working on a
class of “disenfranchised flex nomads”, living in poverty and without armoede
certainties live.

De Bond Precaire Woonvorm (BPW), a volunteer organization with the following
the aim of claiming the housing rights of different types of “flex residents” and
to safeguard, supports residents who are forced into anti-squat or
other temporary living situations and conducts ongoing research into
the developments in this area. We come very disturbing
conditions of abuse of the housing shortage and see the scale of
the temporary living and abuse of people in need of a home,
increase rapidly. Residents are afraid and do not know their rights. But above all
it is noticeable that “flexible living” and “flexible working” are increasingly going hand in hand,
especially at the bottom of the labor market. Temporary workers are always
more often also “temporary residents”. The legal positions of people are both
living and working areas are being affected at a rapid pace.

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