Family from Soesterberg threatened with homelessness starts crowdfunding campaign for appeal

Recently, the lawsuit between Camelot, Plus Vastgoed and the family with 5 children from Soesterberg that was threatened with homelessness. Residents argue that the 400 euro fee they pay to Camelot each month is a rental fee instead of "administration costs". And that includes tenant rights! The verdict is expected on April 9. If the judge decides against them, the resident wants to appeal by means of an emergency appeal and that costs money: 2500 Euros.

This family is not well off, they are committed to society through, among other things, a neighborhood garden and a giveaway shop, combined with their uncertain income as a freelancer and the care for 5 children. The BPW is therefore very pleased to see that this precarious living family is being supported from all corners of society and (local) politics in their fight for an affordable house with a normal rental contract!

Be Solidarity too!
Support this brave and combative family during this stressful time. Therefore, donate an amount of at least 25 euros to account 5567041 in the name of George Welman. If the case is won, the money will be refunded.

For more backgrounds, look at the Facebook page Pannekoekenhuis Soesterberg of this family.
Read the previous article of the BPW about the situation. Family with 5 children threatened with homelessness by Camelot and Plus Vastgoed.
Read the Algemeen Dagblad  1, 2, 3  about the situation.
Know more about Camelot which tries to take away their housing and tenant rights from home seekers all over Europe.

Support the fight for housing security!

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