Crowdfunding and solidarity campaign started against eviction by Alvast and Bilfinger Real Estate in Rotterdam

IMG_3013-1The BPW has been approached by Maria and Keith from Rotterdam they live in office space via Alvast Bilfinger Real Estate. Six years ago, because of the crisis, they came from Ireland to the Netherlands to build a life here. Maria graduated as a Journalist. Keith is trained as a metal worker and specialized welder. Since they could not find a better and more suitable job, they have worked since that time as garbage collectors, cleaners and factory workers to make ends meet.

At the moment they are forced to work as flex workers in an internationally operating call center on a 0 hours contract where they are only scheduled on average for half of the week this year. The company is not obliged to provide them with work, nor are they obliged to accept this work. Also, the offer of “their” poorly paid work can be withdrawn at any time at the company's discretion. So no guarantees on work and income. Due to long waiting lists for regular housing in Rotterdam, they have also been sentenced to the B-rent market of temporary rental in the area of housing and anti-squat for a year and a half. In addition to their precarious work, they are now also in danger of losing their precarious home. To combat this eviction, they recently launched the Crowdfunding page UNLAWFULL EVICTION HELP US FIGHT started.

Last week, Maria was undressing in the shower when someone uninvited and without warning barged into their living quarters. Startled, Keith and Maria asked who this man was and what he was doing. It turned out to be a representative of the owner of the building; Bilfinger Real Estate who held a tour. They let him in. Their contract was terminated a few days later. Already has indicated by telephone that they would have refused him access and that they are therefore now being evicted from their home. In an email, however, Alvast now says that the owner wants them out for no specified reason. Earlier, the residents also reported that items had been moved in their home when they were not there. When asked to inform them during a visit, Alvast threatened several times with eviction. Also when signing their “loan” contract (read disguised lease) a 340 euros per month (incl) at Alvast they were refused a copy in English. They were told "Just sign it, it's a normal contract".

The BPW has been hammering away at the frankly disrespectful violations of, among other things, privacy rights by anti-squat companies. The right to privacy is, among other things, laid down in art.10 of the Constitution, the right to peace at home in art.12 of the Constitution and art. 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) states the right to respect for private and family life. Illegal access to a home is regarded as trespassing in art. 138 of the Criminal Code.”

Unfortunately, we have to conclude again and again that anti-squat companies like Alvast and their clients do not care about the housing rights of residents. Previously, Alvast was also involved in privacy violations, including at Gabrielle living in Amsterdam. See the campaign video of the BPW below “Refuse the controller puts another lock on your door”.

In her case, at the insistence of the owner Rochdale and the local Amsterdam politicians, an exception was made with regard to the checks. In other cases, such as with Maria and Keith, this dubious course of action continues. It seems that this company has learned nothing from that. The scandalous situation has been reported several times in the press and local politics (1) (2) (3) (4) discussed, questions were also asked about it in the 2nd chamber. As a result, the 2nd Chamber adopted a motion in April 2013 to stop the use of anti-squat construction in corporations. This is currently not implemented due to political unwillingness. That is why parliamentary questions were recently asked about the Woonstad corporation that still works with this lawless construction in Rotterdam and tenants denied their accrued tenant rights. The BPW therefore advocates a complete abolition of this lawless anti-rental construction.
The random shopping in the fundamental rights of our tenants' rights must stop! We call on everyone to claim your privacy rights just like Gabrielle. For more info and or help please Contact with the BPW on.

Residents have no other accommodation to go to and do not agree to this arbitrary contract termination/eviction from this property and ask for (financial) help. The BPW supports them in their struggle and calls on everyone to show solidarity with these residents and for their Crowdfunding campaign for 1000 Euro to support. This money is needed to be able to object to this arbitrary termination together with a lawyer, to bring up the disenfranchised situation with politicians and to take action. Yes, you don't get rights just like that, that costs money.

“All we want is a safe and secure place to live that we can rightly call home. We now finally want to start a stable life that we so desperately deserve ”, they say on their Crowdfunding page.

That's how it is! The BPW demands stable, safe, affordable and publicly accessible housing for everyone. Housing must once again become a fundamental right. Everyone lives right? The flexibilization of our rental rights does not create more living space, but only more throwaway tenants and lawless anti-rental constructions. This does not help anyone, which proves this situation once again. That is why we will collectively claim our housing rights together with tenants. Join become a member of the BPW. We demand an end to the insecurity of living, working and our lives! Do you live in a precarious state, show solidarity! Support the residents and donate through their Crowdfunding Page: UNLAWFULL EVICTION HELP US FIGHT.

Shower 2-1    For more information or contact the concerned residents Contact on with the BPW

Support the fight for housing security!

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