International protest against the criminalization of homelessness in Hungary

AVM_logo_238pxThe BPW has appealed to the Hungarian ambassador to the Netherlands to undo the criminalization of homelessness in Hungary. Read the letter to the Hungarian ambassador. On the initiative of the Hungarian homeless organization A Város Mindenki (The City is for Everyone), solidarity meetings will be held in nine countries in the coming days in protest against the criminalization of homelessness in Hungary. The persecution of the homeless is contrary to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
Despite the decision of Hungary's Constitutional Court and widespread public protests, Hungary's ruling party passed a new law last fall criminalizing homelessness. But punitive measures against homeless people are rejected by the UN Special Rapporteur and international non-governmental organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and FEANTSA.
In January 2014, the European Parliament also called on its member states to immediately end the criminalization of homelessness. The resolution emphasized the importance of the right to housing and urged member states to achieve social and affordable housing for those who need it.
In addition to the extensive and ongoing protests in Hungary itself, there have already been international protests against the criminalization of homelessness in Hungary, namely in Cluj-Napoca, Prague, Bangkok and London. This week, local groups in nine cities protest at Hungarian embassies and consulates, on February 13 in 13 Essen, Vienna, and Lisbon, on February 14 in Dublin, Paris, New York, Brussels and  Istanbul, and on February 15 in London. In Budapest, The City is for Everyone is organizing a demonstration on February 22.
Call for solidarity in English, German, French and Portuguese. Video about 'homeless-free' zones in Budapest.
The City is for Everyone is a volunteer organization that is committed to equal treatment of everyone and justice in society. The members of De Stad voor Everyone have been homeless or homeless, involved in housing problems and others who feel connected to these problems. Homeless people play a leading role in all ranks of this organization.
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