Bond Precaire Woonvormen

157057_10200391998735584_242023591_nA family with 5 children 2 dogs and 2 chickens from Soesterberg lives via Camelot in a building of Plus Real Estate and contacted the BPW. Their contract has been terminated and, as has become "normal" for temporary and precarious housing, residents are discharged without replacement housing and relocation expenses. To put it “neutral”, however, property owners and the flex companies they hire do not call this an eviction but an expiring contract. However, the social consequences are the same: the family has still not found adequate and affordable housing and is therefore in danger of being thrown out on the street. Meanwhile, Camelot's lawyer states that there is an "extremely dire situation". Not referring to the plight of residents, but that of the property owner Plus Vastgoed. There is a risk that any costs that would arise due to delays in the demolition will be recovered from residents (due to late delivery). In short: putting extra financial pressure on people in already precarious and precarious positions. In the meantime, the environmental permit was only recently applied for on 14 February. It is therefore still unclear whether the plan to create a parking space for the supermarket to be built can go ahead at all. Democrats Soest has also objected to the felling of the trees in this place. In addition, all kinds of people in the neighborhood do not agree with the demolition of this historic building and can still object to these plans and any granting of the environmental permit.

There is therefore no question of necessary departure due to urgency. Residents don't leave until something new is found. If Camelot and Plus Vastgoed really find the situation so "urgent", they should be a little more active in their own pockets and come up with a solution. After all, residents are open to rehousing in affordable rental housing. Surely the "laws" of the free market would regulate that everyone's land and rights of residence were respected? Wouldn't supply and demand be in a "natural balance"? Residents have made their situation known to local politicians, resulting in the family being given urgent status. Unfortunately, however, they have not yet been able to find affordable housing suitable for a large family.

The BPW demands a humane solution from the parties involved. Putting a family with children on the street is therefore not an option. Children and people benefit from a stable living environment. Gone are the days when all kinds of flex companies earn easy money through all kinds of strangulation contracts and silently dump their risks with the flex residents forced by their social position!

Camelot has informed residents that Owner Plus Vastgoed will shut off the gas, water and light on Monday 25 February. Residents is through Camelot asked to sign a so-called attestation form in which they had to sign that children cannot claim rights of residence. Of course residents did not sign this. Children are rightly protected by the law in all kinds of ways, among other things endure. Regardless of what all kinds of dubious parties include in their private-law strangulation contracts. People are not products or legal entities that you drag from A to B. It is not without reason that social legislation has been designed for this purpose. Unfortunately, the BPW notes that more and more parties here through all kinds of legal tricks try to get down. This situation shows once again that anti-squat companies like Camelot are not about good housing for people/tenants, but about money. They do everything they can to rent protection piece by piece destroy for everyone. Just for the vulnerable groups who need it most.

The BPW states “Parties that act solely out of financial self-interest without taking into account human interests will sooner or later become acquainted with the principles of reciprocity and forced redistribution. We strive to find a sustainable solution for the urgent housing needs of this family in Soesterberg. We call on everyone to help with this. We all live, let's secure that right for everyone together”.

For more information, read the Facebook page of the residents.

Would you like to know more about the situation or help with a solution? Then take contact the BPW or directly with the residents through their Facebook page,