Victory: Rowdy continues to live in the old JTC building of the municipality of Roosendaal.

ismene en RowdyRecently supported the BPW the case of Rowdy  in their fight against contract termination due to “open doors”. And there is good news: Rowdy can continue to live in the old JTC building of the Municipality of Roosendaal! The VVD Roosendaal also asked questions about the situation in the city council. Read the stated here  questions and answers. Also messaged BN de Stem about this case. It has become clear that the municipality of Roosendaal will continue to do business with Villex, despite the fact that nothing has changed about the dubious anti-squat contracts that were drawn up. The vacancy law and rent protection are also still circumvented by Villex. According to the BPW, the consideration of 235 euros (incl.) per month means that there is and will continue to be a disguised rental contract instead of a loan contract. This is in contrast to what is stated in the answers to the VVD by alderman Toine Theunis.

Nevertheless, the BPW congratulates Rowdy and his mother on the result achieved. “It shows once again that it is useful to defend yourself if the anti-squat agency cancels your contract for any reason. Often you can just continue living. However, you must object and stand up for your rights if you do not agree with them. The BPW can help with that. It's nice to see that persistent people like Rowdy are rewarded. It's a bit of a shame that the other 3 residents had already packed their things for Christmas, that wouldn't have been necessary”.

It is typical that anti-squat agencies like Villexo are only prepared to have a good conversation with their tenants if questions are first asked about it in the city council and in the newspaper. Apparently that's the only way they listen to their tenants. Nevertheless, the BPW is pleased that Villex has repented in this case, withdraws the termination and does not impose the dubious penalty clause of 500 euros per day. The BPW continues to work against these practices of anti-squat agencies and urges Minister Blok that the Motion to curb anti-squat accelerated to avoid situations like Rowdy's in the future. We hope that Rowdy will soon find a room with rent protection and wish him a lot of living pleasure until then.


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