Tenant Camelot with respiratory problems in the house with mold and asbestos. BPW demands action!

asbestThe BPW was approached by Erik van de Kerkhof. Since February 2012, he lives via Camelot in an old care staff flat of the Lichtenberg at 297 Utrechtseweg in Amersfoort.

For some time now, there have been leaks in the building where asbestos was recently found. This has caused mold and all kinds of things from Erik, including laptop, clothing and things for his company and practice as an artist, broke down. Erik has therefore been staying with several friends since mid-December 2013. After a small attempt to repair the flat roof, Camelot has done nothing to improve its housing situation, nor to provide replacement accommodation.

Erik has in Oct. 2012 (due to suspicion of asbestos) contact with the technical service and owner of the property, Residential care center Lichtenberg, wanted. Which came to him on an official warning by Camelot. After all, in the world of anti-squat (read disguised rental contract) is the not allowed to contact the owner or the municipality. Breaking such a strangulation clause can lead to termination of the contract. Nothing was done with the question about asbestos, until it was decided in Dec. 2013 was discovered. Recently, NVO construction inspections independent architectural inspection It is recommended to replace and/or remove a large amount of asbestos in the ceiling. It was also advised to replace the bitumen roofing as it is very outdated. The Municipality of Amersfoort's Buitendienst also found on 30 December 2013 that the building contained asbestos. The owner would be required to conduct an asbestos survey. However, this obligation was recently denied and withdrawn by the municipality. The ombudsman was then called in by the resident.

Erik has serious problems with his airways and experiences breathing problems. There is no heating in his house for which he paid 192.50 (incl.). His doctor has stated that his complaints are most likely related to the months of mold (due to leaks) in the building. “The smell of the fungus is unbearable, I have no peace at all and I fled my house,” says Erik. Housemates stated that Erik's house was no longer rented out at all because residents knew that this room had been found to be unsuitable for habitation (possibly suitable for storage or rental). Nevertheless, Camelot has let the house again to a new tenant.

Out of panic, Erik canceled his contract at the end of December, because he thought he had found accommodation elsewhere, and because he felt hurt and violated in confidence by Camelot. That new living space, however, turned out not to take place after all. Now his things are still in the house and he has been staying with friends here and there for over 2 months. Erik can now “live” somewhere in a garden shed for a short time until he can find adequate housing. There is no room in the garden shed for his things.


On the advice of the BPW, the Resident contacted his legal assistance insurance company and lawyer to start a claim procedure. The BPW requires that Camelot immediately realizes replacement housing with an affordable rental contract and relocation costs. In addition, the resident must be financially compensated for damage to health, damage to all kinds of items and business damage to Erik's company caused by the landlord's negligence. Due to the above course of events, he was unable to work for more than 2 months, but all kinds of extra travel costs were incurred, including to lodging addresses.

The BPW states “It cannot be the case that a company does receive rent and meanwhile all kinds of rent protection rules and regulations vacancy law rules evaded, also tries to silence people. Even speaking to the press is threatened with fines. To then let the unsafe situation take its course, even if all signals are red. Society has a joint responsibility to provide safe and affordable housing. As a negligent landlord, Camelot should therefore quickly come up with a solution in consultation with the tenant."

Camelot is a multinational that has become big and rich by tenants (and their rights) to make small. All over Europe does this company give people their rights through their disenfranchised housing concept? tenant rights taken away. More and more people are asking questions about this situation and come to men opposition to these practices. Now it is time to give something back to the exploited tenants.

Read the article here “Never again anti-squat” from the Algemeen Dagblad of 28 February about the situation.

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Source photo: Architectural report NVO building inspections.


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