Creative people play monopoly with alderman against eviction

wolf als schaap- CC-petsadviser.comCome to the action on Friday 10 January at 16:45 at the town hall in
Utrecht, Korte Minrebroederstraat 2

'Island 8 is combative', the AD Utrechts Nieuwsblad recently headlined and so
it is too. For tomorrow Friday January 10th, the temporary tenants have
the Utrecht Kanaleneiland that suddenly have to make way for
other temporary residents, announced a playful action at the town hall of Utrecht.

In the Island 8 project, some 450 creatives have been working for more than three years
students, entrepreneurs and artists asked to act as temporary tenants
make a contribution to the neighborhood in vacant flats. Their 'creative'
community' needs to pimp Kanaleiland so that the woz values go up, just as Richard Florida intended.

In addition to their voluntary commitment to the neighborhood, the temporary tenants pay
exorbitant rents in the flats to be demolished, up to € 650 per month, although
that is not allowed at all in Utrecht under the Vacancy Act for temporary letting. For example, the creatives serve in several ways as a cash cow for the housing corporation and the anti-squat agency Wolf housing group (slided between the social landlord and the residents).

But the Utrecht creatives have been anything but blown away. They protest against the impending eviction of 50 of them and go to court. To reinforce their decision, tomorrow they will transform their creativity into an action addressed to the Utrecht alderman living. They will give him a monopoly over this one
present the matter at the town hall. It is no coincidence that an exhibition of artists from Eiland 8 will also be opened that afternoon. A Wolf in sheep's clothing is also expected at the town hall tomorrow.

In addition to the local press and politicians, sympathizers will also be present, namely YOU: Come to this action and support these residents who denounce the madness of the temporary contract shuffling. People are not moving animals, neither are creatives!

Read more about this in the news on this site from December 15 and January 4.

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