Housing associations are massively circumventing the rental legislation by renting out rental properties for sale for a long time to be anti-squat.

Co2012-04-29-13.13.01-400x300rporations massively circumvent the rental legislation by renting out rental properties for sale for a long time through the anti-squat construction. This while temporary rental of homes for sale under the Vacancy Act all the way not allowed. Corporations do indeed have the option to rent out normally. Meanwhile, housing associations are investing an increasing share of our property for sale and more and more houses are temporarily inhabited by a colony of disenfranchised and precarious anti-squat tenants. By outsourcing constructions and switching from anti-squat company in between, they can just end up on the street.

Stimulate home ownership.
Why do corporations actually promote the idea of home ownership and encourage people to join the debtor army? Are 1.3 million buyers now under water not enough? Why are they selling our public property instead of focusing on more affordable rental housing? Was the ideology of: home ownership for everyone! with maximum interest deduction and rogue mortgage forms not the recipe for this real estate crisis?

Register with the BPW: You live on a rental contract!
Housing is a right and a basic need. Corporations that are currently (including by landlord levy ) are being milked out financially by the state, massive selling of their property have seriously lost their way. They urgently need our help to use their assets “more efficiently”. The BPW calls on precarious tenants in homes for sale from a housing corporation to report, to put an end to their disenfranchised living situation and to enforce an affordable rental contract together!

Support the fight for housing security!

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