BPW responds to proposal for a temporary contract for starters of the ChristenUnie

450px-VerhuizingThe ChristenUnie wants something for starters in the stuck housing market
to do. Not a bad idea, only the solution they come up with is painful
the wrong way. The ChristenUnie wants to enter into a starter contract
create that – just like the campus contract for students –
is temporary. ANOTHER temporary contract form. As if we were there with
anti-squat, the campus contracts, the youth contracts (in Amsterdam), the
'by nature of short duration' – agreements, the short stay contracts, the
loan agreements and the Vacancy Act, don't have enough already!

The ChristenUnie is now working on a bill to amend the Civil Code
to adapt them so that their starter contract is possible with which temporary
renting for starters becomes common. As if starters aren't looking correctly
are to a permanent place of their own! This is how an increasing group of tenants comes
to stand outside the social system of rent protection.

The Bond Precaire Woonvorm has written an extensive response to
the proposal of the ChristenUnie and sent it. In the letter to the
Christenunie is based on many practical examples
explained why it is not a good idea to have another new temporary
introduce a contract.

Over the past three years, the BPW (as the only advocate and supporter for precarious residents in the Netherlands) has gained a great deal of practical experience with temporary housing constructions and residents who have experienced the disadvantages of this. The ChristenUnie will at least have to delve more deeply into the trends that are occurring in the practice of temporary housing, before the party proceeds to introduce a starter contract. The BPW strives for a socially inclusive system in which all tenants, regardless of the type of contract, are entitled to rehousing and relocation expenses.

Read the Reaction of the Bond Precaire Woonvorm to the starter contract (PDF file)

Read the proposal Starter contract: Flex renting for young people of the Christenunie (PDF file)

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