Temporary tenants in Utrecht organize themselves and protest against eviction.

rsz_p1040062-1The approximately 50 temporary tenants who live in a building belonging to housing corporation Portaal on the Marschallaan in Utrecht through the De Wolff agency and who are in danger of being evicted are not going to let it go. They have action group Marshall plan (1) established so as not to be exchanged for another group of temporary residents (use as a change house). by various political parties,2,3,4,5 questions have already been asked about this state of affairs, whereby temporary tenants are also confronted with exorbitant rents. This exploitation must stop and residents should not be treated as second-class precarious tenants. No moving livestock. The BPW supports and advises this group of residents “Exchanging one group of tenants for another group is not nice. People are not moving livestock, a housing corporation such as Portaal with a social task to ensure safe, stable and affordable housing should understand that.” The housing market is currently developing a increasing legal inequality between normal tenants and temporary tenants. There are all kinds of proposals to flexibility of the tenancy law without the current problems be adequately resolved. Exchanging one group of temporary tenants for another group of tenants happens constantlywithout making an actual contribution to public housing. Situations such as the Marshallaan where tenants are evicted without demolition appear to be normalizing. Housing must once again become a fundamental basic right that you should handle tactfully. The BPW is committed to putting a stop to the excessive flexibility of our housing rights. “The government should invest in housing construction instead of financially pinching corporations by means of, among other things, landlord levies. Everyone has the right to a home.” Read the oral and written questions about this case. Source photo SP Utrecht

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