BPW in defense against censorship by the Municipality of Den Bosch and Interveste!

interveste posterAnti-squat agency Intervest wanted to evict 12 anti-squat residents from a building of the municipality of Den Bosch, because they "would make a mess and caused a one-off noise nuisance". (noise nuisance for which residents have apologized). The residents did not agree with this lecture by Interveste and thought it was unreasonable that they should be put on the street for such a reason, but Interveste refused an interview.

The residents knew that conversation, in which the municipality itself mediated, together with the BPW and councilors of Groenlinks and SP enforceable through municipal politics. However, residents were unable to be assisted by the BPW and a council member during this conversation at the request of Interveste. Interveste threatened to boycott the conversation otherwise, and the conversation was also subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Since this conversation took place under the condition that everything remained "internal", Interveste is willing to conclude the anti-squat contract (read disguised lease) with the residents, but then requires that, among other things, they first ensure that the BPW the article and movie about this case from his website. So censorship, on the backs of residents who are confronted with this requirement on pain of losing their home! No company has the right, not even in the name of the Municipality of Den Bosch, to silence interest groups and certainly not in such a false way.

The BPW demands respect for the freedom of speech (Article 7 Constitution) and the right to association (Article 11 ECHR). This concerns the right of tenants to be (legally) and morally assisted by a lawyer and a union such as the BPW. Resident Rinus: “We will not allow these fundamental rights to be taken away from us. If the Municipality of Den Bosch, represented by Interveste, wants to make agreements with us, they must accept that, before all kinds of extra conditions are signed with this already precarious contract and living situation, we will be advised and assisted by the BPW, our lawyer and other people. who support us.”

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Read the story of one of the residents of Interveste on the Eindhovenlaan in Den Bosch.

Read more background information about this case on this site soon.

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