12 Bossche anti-squatters object to termination by Interveste and appeal to the municipality of Den Bosch.

IMG-20131106-WA0004The 12 residents who live through Interveste in a building of the municipality of Den Bosch, located at Eindhovenlaan 1, have had to deal with a termination of their contract. Last week, the first residents received a letter in which it was briefly stated that they must vacate the building before 25 November 2013. The residents are therefore at risk of becoming homeless for no reason. Under penalty of penalty, the residents are not allowed to contact the owner and feel very cornered.

The residents do not agree with this and have requested an interview with Interveste. However, Interveste refuses to talk to the residents. The municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch should take up its task here and defend the interests of these 12 residents. As the alleged owner of the object, the municipality should choose to keep the roof over the head instead of the notified eviction. It is not the first time that the outsourcing of management to anti-squat companies such as Intervest leads to problems, earlier this year this was also the case in Hoofddorp.

The municipality must accept, in the same line as the central government has done, that the way in which anti-squat companies operate is highly undesirable. Less precarious living situations should be chosen and current objects with anti-squats should receive extra attention. This is to better protect residents in their legal certainty than is currently the case and to offer more housing security. The motion to restrict the use of anti-squat should therefore be carried out. The abuses at the Eindhovenlaan show that once more On.

In 2010, the Bossche politicians and the BPW already called on housing corporations to no longer work with anti-squat companies, but to allow people to live in normally through lease contracts instead of through the anti-squat construction. As a result, housing cooperative Zayaz her policy already on. It would of course only be logical if the municipality, as property owner and landlord, now also adheres to these rules.

The municipality of Den Bosch must therefore stop outsourcing to dubious companies such as the anti-squat agency Interveste, which shamelessly threatens to make 12 young people in Den Bosch homeless. Residents strive for a sustainable solution for living in the building and hope to realize this in collaboration with the Municipality. Read in this attachment letter_inzet_anti kraken_eindhovenlaan, the letter and appeal for support that the BPW has sent on behalf of residents to the Municipal Executive and the owner of the municipality of Den Bosch.

In BPW TV Episode 6 2 of the 12 residents of the old school building introduce themselves and call on the Municipality of Den Bosch to stand up for their rights and to discuss a solution. Who are these precarious residents? And how do you object to such a cancellation? Show solidarity, support the residents, follow this case and share this video!

Support the fight for housing security!

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