Master's thesis 'The precarious situation of anti-squatting' by Warren van Hoof

Although more and more living space in the Netherlands is becoming vacant, it is very difficult for home seekers to find suitable and affordable housing. Home seekers increasingly feel compelled to move into an anti-squat home in order to have a roof over their heads. The anti-squat companies are trying to disregard mandatory rent protection, leaving the residents in an uncertain legal position.
Warren van Hoof's thesis 'The precarious situation of anti-squatting' examines the legal position of the anti-squat resident. Various anti-squat constructions are examined in more detail and placed in the light of the right to suitable housing and mandatory rent protection. The lack of clarity that prevails among many parties puts the anti-squat resident in a bad position.
This group of people, who often felt compelled by their financial situation to live in an anti-squat housing, is in an undesirably precarious situation. It is the government's fundamental duty to intervene and thus ensure compliance with the right to suitable housing.

The full thesis can be downloaded and viewed here in PDF format.

Warren van Hoof is a lawyer involved in the Bond Precarious Housing Forms.

If you have any questions about his thesis, please contact him via the contact form.

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