Parliamentary questions about housing corporations that still work with anti-squat contracts.

blok-07-highresOn Monday 14 October there are by Paulus Jansen (SP) written questions asked to Minister Blok (VVD) for Housing and the Central Government Service regarding housing corporations that still use anti-squat. This despite the March 2013 adopted motion to curb the use of the lawless anti-squat construction.

The questions were asked, among other things, in response to recent reports about the imminent on-street placement of a large group of residents in Rotterdam-Crooswijk as of 31 October by the housing corporation. Residential city of Rotterdam. Residents would be replaced by other temporary (anti-squat) residents and have united in BResidents' committee Paradijshof- Reserveboezem III and are supported by the BPW. The residents' committee Paradijshof-Reserveboezem III and the BPW discussed the situation with Woonstad on 16 October (which will be reported shortly) and are now considering follow-up steps. The BPW advises residents not to just move out of the complex. Residential city must come up with a sustainable solution.

Read the below written questions:

Questions from member Paulus Jansen (SP) to the Minister of Housing and the Civil Service about housing associations that still work with anti-squat contracts.

1.What is your opinion on the decision1 of housing corporation Woonstad in Rotterdam not to offer residents with an expiring temporary lease in a part of Nieuw Crooswijk called 'Reserveboezem III' a regular contract, but to have these homes inhabited on the basis of an (“anti-squatting”) user agreement?

2. Do you share the opinion that this development is at odds with motion 33436-27, in which the government is requested “… to consult with the umbrella organization of housing associations, Aedes, so that housing associations only work with temporary rental contracts when it comes to temporary vacancy? as defined under the Vacancy Act”? If not, why not?

3.How many housing associations use anti-squat agencies to temporarily rent out homes? How many homes is involved?

4. What agreements have you made with Aedes to end the use of anti-squat contracts by housing associations?

5. If your conversation with Aedes has not resulted in the voluntary termination of the use of anti-squat contracts by or on behalf of housing associations, in what other way do you intend to terminate the use of these contracts?

6.Are you prepared to answer before 31 October, since some of the residents of “de Reserveboezem III” in Rotterdam may have to leave their homes on this date?


UPDATE READ Here the answering-room questions-about-housing-corporations-that-still-work-with-anti-squat contracts

and also the letter to parliament about the implementation of the motion temporary rental instead of anti-squat.


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