Growing legal inequality among tenants

Logo_19o_NLWhy are temporary tenants not entitled to replacement housing and a relocation allowance of at least € 5,658 After all, temporary tenants often pay the same or more for their home as regular tenants, have to move mandatory and often against their will and often the "choice" for temporariness arises from the long waiting lists and/or the lack of affordable supply. In this way, a growing group of “temporary” tenants become housing emergents who are placed outside the social system of rent protection.

In January 2013, questions were asked in the Amsterdam city council about the use of (about 1000) Temporary Campus Contracts. Such a contract has no legal basis and is a mixture of: short-term rental by its nature, the vacancy law contract and the campus contract.

In the field of housing, all kinds of hybrid hybrid forms are currently emerging in which very selectively the worst contractual provisions are “shopped” from other flexible housing forms and presented as new “innovative” forms of contract. Under the line, the tenant is often without rights, but he must pay the full pound for this. The problem is that many tenants, in this jungle of (outsourced) flexible contracts, no longer know their rights at all. As a result, legal inequality between tenants is growing.

When asked whether the Municipal Executive could confirm that there is no legal basis for campus contracts in which replacement accommodation does not have to be arranged in the event of demolition/renovation, the answer was: "There is therefore no question of restricting the rights to replacement accommodation in any form. then. This right does not exist with both forms of temporary rental and the rent can be terminated when the accommodation is demolished or the study is terminated.

The precarization of tenant rights was not hindered by this, appearing “neutral” municipality, by arbitrarily shopping between campus contracts, vacancy contracts, and leases of its nature of short duration. However, the Municipality of Amsterdam becomes (jointly) responsible for the abuses created as a result. Putting “tenants” out on the street without replacement housing and relocation expenses is such an abuse.

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