Crooswijk Residents' Committee happy with Karakus verdict

ROTTERDAM - During the council meeting on Thursday 12 September, Alderman Karakus responded supportively to the pressing situation of the temporary residents of the Paradijshof/Reserveboezem III in Crooswijk. According to a letter from the housing corporation Woonstad, the temporary residents must leave their home by 31 October. Alderman Karakus has indicated that he finds it undesirable that the current temporary residents are replaced by new temporary tenants.

In addition, the alderman is of the opinion that the current residents should be able to stay until the proposed demolition plans. The newly established Residents' Committee Paradijshof/Reserveboezem III is very happy with the supportive words of the alderman.

Resident S. Houkes: 'It is nice to know that the Alderman has responded to our situation. I was very shocked by the 'return letter' from the housing corporation and the message that I have to make room for someone else, whether I have found a new home on October 31 or not. I, like many other local residents, feel very much at home in this neighborhood. That is why we set up the Residents' Committee. We would like to build our future here and see opportunities to tackle this together.'

The Bond Precaire Woonvorm supports and advises the newly established residents' committee that wants to preserve this historic complex.
For more information about the plans of the Residents' Committee Paradijshof Reserve Boezem III: Sonja Super. Phone 0681882237 and mail

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