Solidarity campaign in Hoofddorp: Ymere is listening for the first time!

Residents' committee Alea Iacta Est (No turning back from here) and the BPW paid a solidarity visit to housing association Ymere in Hoofddorp on 5 July at 14:00. The group of temporary residents of homes in Hoofddorp-East, who are in danger of being evicted from their homes
because Ymere wants them to sign anti-squat contracts with Interveste, regional manager Wout Kranen received them outside on the street. In addition to residents, members of local political parties and the BPW and members of the press were also present.

The residents indicated that on 5 July they were seriously listened to by someone from Ymere. Wout Kranen gave the impression to find it annoying how the residents were treated by anti-squat agency Interveste and by Ymere himself.


The residents put the following requirements on the table

Residents should no longer be pressured to sign an anti-squat contract with Interveste;

Temporary renting for more than five years under the Vacancy Act means a permanent lease, the right to replacement housing, an urban renewal urgency and a relocation allowance. The summons of the temporary tenants must be immediately dismissed. Ymere must come to a suitable solution in consultation with each of these residents;

The anti-squat contracts signed with Interveste must be converted into temporary leases with Ymere. If Ymere cannot (any longer) do this, it must offer a regular rental contract to the sitting residents. As a social landlord, Ymere does not need a commercial party to perform its core task, which is the management and rental of social housing;

Bypassing the Vacancy Act by means of anti-squatting in places where temporary letting is possible under the Vacancy Act is socially undesirable and in violation of the said Lower House motion. Where Ymere in Hoofddorp-Oost can temporarily rent out on the basis of the vacancy law, it must do so.

Ymere did not grant any demands on 5 July. Regional manager Kranen has promised to personally enter into an individual conversation with the summoned residents in the short term to see if a solution can be found. Only then could the summons be withdrawn per person. The residents' committee Alea Iacta Est will act as contact person between Ymere and the residents. If it is not possible to reach a solution together, the lawsuit will continue.

According to their spokesperson, the residents are happy with it because Wout Kranen is in any case someone who thinks along with them. Unfortunately, in the Hoofddorpse Courant, Ymere hides behind the fact that there are already so many home seekers in the region and 'that they can't just hire temporary tenants.
let go.' For the sake of convenience, Ymere does not say that they are the ones who have these homes on regular rental for years
withdrawn, and thus contributed themselves to the long waiting lists.

A report and links to local newspapers about the action on the website of the residents' committee:

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