2 Boxtel residents celebrate victory: Camelot withdraws cancellation.

Camelot trekt opzegging inRecently there was a conversation between Camelot, the 2 residents of Boxtel and their lawyer about the planned eviction because of a "dusty house". Good news! Camelot withdraws her dubious termination and the 2 residents can continue to live.

Resident Merijn Pel “We are very satisfied with the outcome. As a temporary resident you do not know exactly what your rights are. The Bond Precaire Woonvorm is well informed. It is great that the BPW also helped to find a suitable lawyer. Only we probably wouldn't have survived against the somewhat intimidating employees of anti-squat agency Camelot. Then we would have been on the street in the middle of a busy period, a weight has been lifted off my shoulders”.

With the help of a lawyer, the 2 residents managed to prevent the unjust eviction. It is unclear how long they can continue to live in the building and why the Sint Joseph housing association continues to outsource the lease to this company despite this state of affairs. This is despite the motion that was recently adopted to restrict the use of anti-squatting in housing associations.

The BPW is very satisfied with the result achieved “It shows once again that companies that are first blown away, that even threaten with eviction without good reason, simply need to be told that you do not accept such a thing. We hope that the problems with anti-squat construction will soon be a thing of the past.”

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